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Magaya Customers

We are honored to serve over 1,500 companies around the world. Discover their successes below.

Cargoways Logistics Case Study

Quality Service from A to Z: The Cargoways Mission

Cargoways Logistics offers a wide scope of integrated services to and from worldwide destinations. Whether port to port or door to door, providing the highest quality service is the first order of business. See how they use the Magaya Cargo System in this case study.
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CaribEx Worldwide Case Study

Freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, and customs clearance to Latin American and the Caribbean

CaribEx Worldwide grew from one man’s vision to serve one customer in Puerto Rico to offering a variety of services in multiple destinations. With a niche in the Caribbean and Latin America, they continue to improve by changing with the times and implementing needed technology. See how CaribEx Worldwide connects their Magaya system with another system so their customers can see and send inventory and order information.

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Dnipro LLC Case Study

US-Ukraine Courier Connection: How one small courier company became a freight forwarder

Dnipro LLC of New Jersey began over 50 years ago sending packages from the US to Ukraine. Now they offer air and ocean freight as well as the small package service. This case study shows how they benefit from using the Magaya Cargo System.
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Gourmet Food & Wine Distributors Case Study

Providing Three Tiers of Service: Logistics, Importing and Distribution

An important part of the supply chain for an importer and a distribution center is the technology used to manage all the processes. When he started Gourmet Food & Wine, Mr. Hoyos decided to use the Magaya Distribution System for his importing and distribution business because it has the features he needs and because of his long-term relationship with Magaya.
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North Atlantic Ocean Shipping and Car Transport Case Study

End-to-End Auto Transport | Exporting Vehicles to Central America

Getting cars from the United States to Central America is the specialty of North Atlantic Ocean Shipping and Car Transport. Based in Delaware, they handle end-to-end shipping of all types of vehicles from anywhere in the U.S. See how they track hundreds of vehicles per week in their Magaya Cargo System.
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