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Magaya Partner Program

Channel Manager Support
A Magaya Channel Manager will work closely with partners to drive and initiate sales, marketing, and branding activities. Magaya will provide an active resource to help you streamline your sales and marketing processes.

Co-Marketing with Magaya
Begin your relationship with Magaya with qualified leads in-hand. Utilize pre-built email templates and landing pages to nurture prospects along and generate sales.

Sales Engineer Support
Magaya will be with you every step of the way. During the 1st year as a Magaya partner, you will be assigned a dedicated Sales Engineer who will assist you on all of your sales demos and help you close business. Earn residual income after making the sales.

Formal Training
Learning Magaya software is crucial to get to the next level as a Partner. Magaya provides a thorough curriculum so you can get up-to-speed fast.

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“We work on increasing profitability. Other improvements include standardizing processes for consistent application of methods and empowerment of the human resource.”

Maria Lopez | Magaya Certified Instructor and Manager Director of Tech Comm Global Consulting


When she meets a customer for the first time, she reviews their expectations with them. “We put them in writing,” she said. “I observe their operation to see how they do things and what resources they use for each process. Then we review it in a brainstorming session to generate new ideas about how to do things better and create new opportunities. I assess the strengths, threats, weaknesses and opportunities and we create new objectives and outline smaller steps to achieve each objective. It often takes a few months for everyone to complete their goals, depending on the number of processes and size or type of the operation; progress is measured each week until the goals are completed.” ... READ MORE


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