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Magaya WMS is a warehouse inventory software that empowers users to manage their operations. Discover what is unique about Magaya WMS:

  • Control and manage cargo and inventory before it arrives and in the warehouse
  • Use the warehouse tracking software to define locations and set default receiving locations for inventory
  • Combine with WMS Mobile scanning for inventory counting, fast pick & load, and more
  • Automate billing for storage and define charge types for cold storage and other specialities
  • Give your customers 24/7 visibility with online transaction tracking

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See how our warehouse management software can make your operation run the way you want it.

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Watch Automation in the Warehouse

Watch how a Magaya customer automated their warehouse receiving process with a dimensions scale, conveyor belt and the Scale Integration Plug-in.

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W.C. McQuaide, Inc. Case Study

Over 70 Years in Transportation and Logistics

From the snowy Appalachian Mountains in Western Pennsylania to the sunny beaches of Ft. Lauderdale, W.C. McQuaide, Inc. has facilities to provide logistics services to customers in the steel industry, the yachting business, beverage and food, and many more.
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Case Study: WTDC Foreign Trade Zone

Agile and Flexible FTZ and 3PL

WTDC’s customers receive high-quality customer care and customized services - just a few of the benefits of WTDC’s warehouse design, diversified operations, and implementation of the Magaya WMS (Warehouse Management Software.)

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All Magaya's solutions are also available in the Cloud for those who don’t want to spend their hard earned money on infrastructure.



The Magaya Network is the communication infrastructure that all Magaya products are built on. It enables real-time tracking, B2B communications, and is the foundation of the Magaya Community.



Not sure if what you are looking for is a Logistics Management Solution?



WMS Mobile

WMS Mobile complements the Magaya Warehouse Management System. It runs on handheld wireless devices and gives you the flexibility to scan barcodes to view information about your inventory and perform tasks from anywhere in your warehouse

Final Mile

Pick up and deliver packages faster and collect signatures more easily with Final Mile. Great for couriers, it runs on smart phones, iPhone, iPad, and any tablet with the Google Chrome or Apple Safari Web browser. Additional platforms are being developed to give you the latest and best options to speed up your deliveries and pickups.

Scale Integration

Connects your Magaya software to your CubiScan weighing and dimensioning system to accurately and quickly capture the weight and dimensions of packages and transfer the data to your Magaya system


Give your customers online access to Pickup Orders, Warehouse Receipts, Cargo Releases, Shipments, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Jobs, and Invoices at their convenience, 24 hours a day, with LiveTrack.

Bar Coding

Validate a packing list, load items or scan part numbers when you receive inventory. The Bar Coding Plug-In works with a barcode scanner connected directly to the PC using a USB or a PS/2 port

Other Plug-Ins

Magaya has develop over a dozen plug-ins to complement our solutions and to cover necessities as they are presented by our customers. Need a functionality that's not included here? Check out the list to see all the plug-ins.


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