3PL Software: Third Party Logistics Software


As a complete Digital Freight Platform for 3PL operations, accounting, tracking, connectivity, customer service, and compliance all in a single system, Magaya has everything you need to run every part of your business efficiently.


As a third-party logistics company, the success of so many other businesses is contingent on the services you provide. When your customers choose to work with you for outsourced supply chain management services, it’s because you are the expert in warehouse operations, transportation, and distribution of goods.

They come to you for your ability to quickly and efficiently scale according to fluctuations in demand and other market conditions. That means that you need the right supply chain management software to support your business in optimizing the various steps in the supply chain and tailoring your services according to the diverse needs of your customers. There are many options available on the 3PL software market. Keep reading to learn why so many leading third-party logistics companies trust Magaya as their logistics software provider of choice.  

Your Single Source for Modern Third-Party Logistics Management

 Third-party logistics companies come in many shapes and sizes, with different needs and service offerings. That’s why Magaya offers a suite of flexible, interoperable, and modular solutions that can adapt to many different operational needs.

Whether your goal is to modernize and automate your warehouses or you want to set a strong technology foundation for your entire logistics operations, Magaya will work with you to deliver the best solution to meet your unique needs.

Freight Forwarding & Warehouse Management

Freight Forwarding & WMS

Magaya Supply Chain gives you the centralized visibility and process automation you need to compete in today’s competitive global logistics services market.

From the warehouse to the office, you’ll work more collaboratively and efficiently than ever, delivering the fast ROI you need to grow your 3PL business in a single unified freight management solution.


Digital Freight Platform

Digital Customer Experience

This branded, customized, online customer portal will give your 3PL business a unique competitive edge with self-service schedules, quotes, bookings, and reporting your customers will love.

You’ll build customer loyalty with an easy-to-use online portal, and benefit from streamlined operational processes, improved productivity, reduced costs, and an exciting opportunity to grow your third-party logistics business.


CRM Software for Logistics and Freight Forwarding


With Magaya CRM, all teams involved in acquiring, retaining, and managing customers have access to the same accurate information about contacts, accounts, opportunities, and more.

This time-saving solution eliminates redundancies and fosters customer-centric collaboration across teams with greater visibility, streamlined quoting processes, and built-in business intelligence.


Rate Management


Magaya Rate Management is a modern rating and quoting solution that simplifies complex data allowing you to manage margins, surcharges, and spot rates, as well as file tariffs, respond to RFQs, and quote to your customers, all from a central control tower.

Configurable to adapt to your needs, the solution easily integrates with Magaya Supply Chain or with the logistics system of your choice.


Customs Compliance


Magaya Customs Compliance is an ACE-certified ABI solution that provides the features 3PLs need to automate your compliance workflows and put efficiency into overdrive.

You’ll even receive alerts in real-time, enabling you to stay on top of important shipment updates to keep your cargo moving. Easily integrates with Magaya Supply Chain or with the transportation management system of your choice.


Magaya Supply Chain: A Single 3PL Software Solution to Run Your Entire Business

Because third-party logistics businesses offer such a broad array of services, the key to success is streamlining and centralizing operations to gain total, end-to-end visibility and control.

As a complete solution for warehouse and shipping operations, accounting, tracking, connectivity, customer service, and compliance all in a single system, Magaya Supply Chain is the ideal management solution for 3PLs to run every part of the business efficiently. Magaya Supply Chain provides an integrated tool to enable 3PLs to fulfill orders, track inventory, manage warehousing, coordinate shipping and billing, and so much more! 

3PL Freight Software Designed to Help you Grow

From rising transportation costs and increasing trade regulations to fierce competition and heightened customer expectations for logistics services, there are many challenges on the road ahead for the 3PL industry. With all these challenges, you need the right logistics software to simplify your workflows, maximize efficiency, and keep costs low while providing excellent customer service.

Most logistics solutions deal with only one part of the business, leaving you with a tangled web of software to manage. Magaya has you covered end-to-end with integrated tools for automating the most manual duties like dealing with customs agencies, performing bookkeeping and accounting tasks, and more! You can even transform your warehouse operation (or multiple warehouses) into a full-service multi-channel, multi-tenant ecommerce fulfillment center with our standard integrations to most major ecommerce platforms.

Drive your customer satisfaction levels to new heights by automating your existing quoting, booking, and shipment processes and providing self-service tracking and visibility with the brand new Digital Freight Portal.

Find your Freedom in the Cloud with Magaya Cloud 3PL Software

As a busy third-party logistics provider, you have enough on your plate. Let Magaya take the daunting task of managing your software infrastructure off your to-do list. The Magaya Cloud offers a secure, reliable hosted environment with the full feature depth of the Magaya Supply Chain solution.

You’ll benefit from a low upfront investment and a fast time to value: the team of Cloud experts at Magaya will take care of installing, setting up, and maintaining your software for you, so you can get back to what’s really important to your business.

The Secret to Maximum 3PL Warehouse Productivity

When you look at your 3PL warehouse, what do you see? Cargo, pallets, parcels? At Magaya, we see opportunity! Every warehouse we encounter is an exciting opportunity to improve warehouse operational efficiency, reduce costs, and get things done quicker.

How do we do that? Magaya includes a full warehouse management system designed with the needs of 3PLs in mind. Exclusive to Magaya, modern warehouse automation tools like Dimensioner and mobile solutions for iOS and Android like Flow WMS and Binder turbocharge previously manual, repetitive, slow tasks like recording dimensions and images, performing them in a flash!

Our customers recoup an average of $40 of lost revenue and save about 3 minutes in increased efficiency for every pallet they process with Dimensioner. You’ll be equipped to provide outstanding customer service and the speed your customers want while reducing your costs and increasing productivity with Magaya warehouse management software and automation tools.

Magaya Pallet Dimensioner for 3PL Warehouse Productivity - Syncs with Your Existing 3PL Software

Key Magaya 3PL Software Features

  • Digital Freight Portal
  • Freight Charges, Quotes, Margins, and Rate Management
  • Freight Bookings
  • Shipments:
    • Export, Import, or Domestic
    • Ocean Freight
    • Air Freight
    • Ground Freight
    • Consolidations, Straights, LCL or FCL
    • Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO)
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Customs Compliance and Documentation
  • Automated Dimensioning, Weighing, and Photographing Cargo
  • Visibility and Tracking Information for Customers
  • Delivery and Storage Prices Included
    U.S. Customs for Import & Export Shipments
  • Canada eManifest, Panama Colon DMCE, Mexico ValidaCarga
  • Container Tracking 
  • Local Pick-ups and Last Mile Deliveries
  • Billing, Invoicing, and Accounting with Out-of-the-Box Financial Reports
  • Customizable Documents
  • Warehousing with full WMS
  • Mobile WMS for iOS and Android
  • Cargo Insurance
  • INTTRA and Carrier Integration
  • …and Many More!

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