5 Tips for Working Remotely During the Coronavirus Outbreak

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Industry

As the Coronavirus continues to disrupt the flow of normal business, every team is learning to work under new conditions. While some teams are equipped and ready to work remotely at a moment’s notice, others may not have as much experience.

Currently, the Magaya team is mostly working remotely and is striving to continue business operations as usual. After vetting the tools we’ve been relying on, we’ve put together a few tips on working remotely, including:

  1. Migrate your data to the cloud – By using the Magaya platform in the cloud, your team can easily access the entire Magaya system remotely, while also keeping your data safe. By relying on the cloud, there is also the assurance that your data is being backed up multiple times per day.
  2. Connect virtually – Face-to-face meetings may be the first thing we miss during these times of social distancing, but that doesn’t mean your team doesn’t have to go weeks without seeing each other. Try using Zoom, Google Hangouts, or GoToMeeting for virtual conferences.
  3. Considering new business apps – There are plenty of messaging platforms, such as Slack, that can streamline the communication between the team for day to day conversation. Work with your IT team to see which apps are critical for your team to use, and install them before your team begins to work remotely.
  4. Manage your day-to-day – To ensure that all projects are running smoothly and on time, considering project management systems such as Monday.com, Basecamp, or Asana may prove beneficial for you. These platforms also allow you to manage files and assign tasks with ease.

Magaya - 5 tips for working remote during COVID

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