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Online Payments with Magaya and FirstData

This article shows you the latest enhancements made to the online payments system: We’ve partnered with FirstData, a specialist in the field, to bring you a new method that your customers can use to pay their invoices. It helps you get paid faster and is secure for your customers to use.

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New Version of Magaya Software includes New Pricing Features

The Magaya Development Team has been working on new features and enhanced some existing features to improve Magaya software for you. Check out these features that are designed to help you set prices for inventory, manage taxes and currency exchange rates, and to see Sales Order details in a new way:

  • New way to manage inventory pricing: To ensure you make a profit on every item you sell, even when offering discounts to your customers, set up the Pricing Tier Rules and apply them with this new feature. Also set prices for volume sales, apply prices to groups of customers, set up a sale timeframe for a holiday, or create increments such as "Buy 2, Get 1 Free."
  • Learn More

  • New and improved tax features: Now you can tell your Magaya system to withhold sales taxes so you can retain them to pay the tax authority. See the new way to group taxes, define if one tax depends on another, and how to change a tax rate. See examples for Mexico, Canada, Colombia and Ecuador:
  • See Examples Here

  • Currency exchange rates improved: This improvement saves a history of past exchange rates used in your Magaya system. Just check the box in the Configuration menu, and then you can enter a previous exchange rate in the Currency List. Then the currency rates can be used in operations transactions such as liquidating a shipment, and they can be used in accounting transactions.
  • Learn More

  • Sales Order improvements: Now you can view details and a summary so you can edit a group of items in a Sales Order.
  • Learn More

Magaya Knowledgebase Search Tips:

Magaya is creating a searchable knowledgebase. Currently the Knowledgebase is in beta, which means it’s still being improved. For example, in this first version of it, the search will only find the exact word you type such as “invoices.” It does not find related words such as “invoice” versus “invoicing”, so you must enter exact keyword you want to find.

A search example: if you search for a keyword such as “withholding”, the Results list will include the tax example topics and the main “Sales Taxes” topic. The best choice is the “Sales Taxes” topic. When you click on the “Sales Taxes” topic, you will need to scroll down in that topic to the section on Withholding. It does not open to the exact section.

To use the Magaya Knowledgebase to search for other topics, we recommend the Google Chrome Internet browser for the optimal experience. Try it

We’re looking for feedback on our new beta Knowledgebase. Send an email to

Thank you!

Get the Magaya Software Latest Release: Version 9.5

June 16, 2014

Version 9.5 brings you enhancements designed to make work easier, help you comply with US government regulations, manage inventory costs more accurately, and we present a new, secure online payment method to your customers.

New Features:

  • Express Link now connected with FedEx1 - International shipments now available, with electronic trade documents and easier processing directly from your Magaya system.
  • A new PCI-compliant online payment option2 – Your Magaya system now securely transmits your customers’ credit card information to First Data, the leading provider of electronic payment services. Give your customers a secure and fast way to pay.

Additional features and enhancements:

Comply with US regulations and avoid fines or penalties by screening entities and banned countries in your shipment transactions with the new plug-in Denied Party Screening.3

WMS now provides a way to manage variable weight such as for perishable items.4 – Now easily receive items in multiple boxes and later create partial releases with the exact weight for accurate charges.

Manage the total costs of inventory with new features for landed costs and average cost of inventory items.5 - You can now control how you want to define your inventory costing methods. Whether you use the Average Cost method or an exact cost, your Magaya system can handle it and give you reports. Also include freight costs, duties and other costs in the Landed Cost of items. It’s all calculated when bills and invoices are created, making the process easier for you.

Version 9.5 is available now. To update, see the how-to or the video:


  1. Magaya Software Communications User Manual, Chapter 15. This feature is available in the software from the Actions button of Cargo Releases, Pickup Orders, and Shipments. Configuration menu > Express Link setup required.
  2. Magaya Software Communications User Manual, Chapter 9. Feature in the Customer profile, and Payment screen. FirstData account and Magaya Configuration menu > Online Payments setup required.
  3. Magaya Software Communications User Manual, Chapter 16. Screening from lists of entities and vessels and Shipment Toolbar Actions button. Configuration menu >Denied Party Screening setup required.
  4. Magaya Cargo System Operations Manual, Chapter 7. Set in the Inventory Item Definition screen and choose a column in that list. Release partial pieces by variable weight.
  5. Magaya Software Accounting User Manual, Chapter 10. Costing method setup system-wide in Configuration menu >Accounting, or Inventory Item Definition. Manage landed costs with Purchase Orders and Bills. Manage average cost in Sales Orders and Invoices. Inventory assets recorded in the Balance Sheet. Note: The Configuration menu for Accounting has be redesigned for ease of use.
  Magaya Software Latest Release of Version 9.4 New Features

Magaya software version 9.4 is here and will make receiving cargo easier and faster with the WMS Mobile handheld scanners. It will also improve a few other processes. Take a look:

Fiscal Printers Now Supported: This software release supports the Hasar brand printer for Panama. It meets the requirements to print invoices and to save data.

To speed up the receiving process in the warehouse, see these improvements:

  • WMS Mobile Enhancements: To scan and put away items quickly, you can customize your system to skip some screens on the handheld. New Configuration menu options have been added for Receiving and Repacking. There are also two new functions, one to “Put Away” cargo quickly, and one to “Measure” cargo quickly.
  • Quickly Select a Cargo Description: Create descriptions for commonly received items and select them when receiving cargo. No more typing in the same description over and over.
  • New CubiScan options: Two enhancements – 1) Enables placing labels on boxes as you scan, and 2) Now you can scan external tracking numbers.

What else is new? Try these on for size:

  • Faster ISF filing
  • Validate ocean container numbers
  • Prevent duplication of Bill of Lading numbers
  • More options with Incoterms in many transactions

Purchase Order improvements to the software now let you decide when bills are created: One option lets you tell the system to make bills only when the items in a PO have been received, and another option enables you to create POs without commodities when you want to track other expenses such as office supplies.

More New and Improved:

  • Track taxes of purchases with the new report
  • Improvement to analyzing profit per customer
  • Validations of correct departure and arrival dates on bookings, trips and shipments
  • SmartBorder integration improves synchronizing of client data
  • Events added to a master shipment can be seen from a house shipment when displaying events of related transactions
  • New report option that groups perishable items by expiration date

Feel free to contact us anytime with questions and/or comments. You can contact us via email or by phone; visit the Contact Center for more info. We always like to hear from you.


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