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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

Brian Walker
Brian Walker
Brian Walker's Blog

Blockchain in the Supply Chain

Blockchain is an emerging technology that is already proving invaluable in bringing transparency to a number of industries, and could do the same in the logistics field.

5 Steps for Traditional Wholesalers to Get into eCommerce

In this article, we will focus on five ways that wholesalers can ensure their eCommerce platforms are tailored towards supporting B2B growth and the underlying infrastructure.

7 Tips for Wholesaler Online eCommerce Solutions

A big part of succeeding in warehousing involves getting a good handle on inventory management. How you track incoming/outgoing inventory, performing regular physical inventory counts, and coordinating your inventory levels all determine the right inventory management practices to use in your operations.

How Mobility and Mobile Apps are Changing the Logistics Industry

Rolling out mobile apps in the logistics industry has helped businesses to realize key benefits!


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