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  • LLR Partners Invests in Supply Chain Management Software Leader Magaya Posted last month

    Magaya Corporation announced an investment from LLR Partners, a middle market private equity firm committed to creating long-term value by growing its portfolio companies.

  • Mapping Out Growth: Wholesale & Distribution Companies Posted last month

    A walkthrough of some key steps and insights for Wholesale and Distribution companies that are looking to grow in 2019.

  • 3PL Industry Trends in 2019 | Webinar Posted last month

    Logistics software designed for 3PL's day to day responsibilities. Watch this webinar to explore how the 3PL industry trends for 2019 are changing the industry and what you can do to grow your business with these trends. Learn how to leverage these trends to take your business to the next level. Map out your growth according to the trends that affect you and your customers.

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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

Freight Forwarder Software Video Series: Export Accounting

What is possible with Magaya's Freight Forwarder software? A lot, including the seamless integration of your accounting and inventory software.

Integrate with eCommerce This Holiday Season

The holidays shopping season is here. According to the National Retail Foundation, 59% of Americans plan to shop online for the Holidays compared to 57% shopping at a department store. The continued shift to eCommerce from physical retail stores has rippled throughout the economic landscape. See the pros and cons of eCommerce marketplaces compared to eCommerce shopping carts to see which one suits you best.

The Auto Parts Supply Chain

The automotive aftermarket supply chain affects every driver in the country. Automotive wholesalers and distributors are the companies that keep the wheels turning. How they source, store and sell these parts can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful aftermarket wholesale parts operation. Using the proper procedures and the right software are key.

Magaya at Conference of the Americas from December 3-5

Magaya will be a sponsor and exhibitor at Conference of the Americas in Orlando, Florida from December 3-5, 2017.


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