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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

VGM Update: How to Meet the Verified Gross Mass Requirement in Magaya

The Magaya system helps you comply with the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) requirement (effective date July 2016) in two ways: with a document to download and an electronic submission method through INTTRA.

How to Accept Bookings from Customers Online

Did you know you can set up your Magaya system to accept bookings that your customers send you from LiveTrack? Learn how in this tip.

Interview with Ernesto Vila from Double Ace Cargo

Ernesto Vila of Double Ace Cargo talked with Amy Cepero of Magaya's Marketing Department while at the Air & Sea Cargo Americas in Miami. Mr. Vila shared how his company uses the Magaya Cargo System to support their operations.

Simple Freight Solutions-Case-Study
Simple Freight Solutions-Case-Study

Surrounding his company with a quality network of reliable partners is an essential part of business success for freight forwarder owner and operator Patrick Oliva.


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