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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

How WMS Improves Inventory Counting

This article explains the different types of inventory counting methods and how a WMS can help make the process more efficient.

How to Pay Multiple Vendors at Once

Magaya software includes a feature to help you pay your vendor bills quickly. If you have multiple bills to pay, you can save time by paying them all at once using the wizard in the Checks List instead of writing each check one by one.

Create a Recurring Invoice for Your Customers

If you have regular customers who use your services such as storing items in your warehouse, you can automate the invoicing every month and save time. Magaya software has a wizard that creates a template that the system will generate each month for you and save in your Invoices List. Then all you need to do is verify it and send it out.

Understanding Shipment Profit and Cost in Customer Reports

This article explains how the costs for the Houses are pro-rated from the Master.


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