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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

How Distribution Center Management Software Apps Help Optimize Your Business

So the question is: how do you manage to get your distribution center to stand out among the rest? The answer is simple: provide the fastest and most reliable distribution available. Although, achieving that is far and away from simple.

Warehouse Management for Small Businesses

If your small business has been managing a warehouse without an inventory management software program, you’ve likely wondered how inventory management software can help you expedite your work processes, communicate with your team and customers better, and even grow into a larger role.

Video Tutorial: How to Show Details on a Bill of Lading

Take a look at how Magaya’s software solution creates these bills of ladings, the deeper details it can accommodate, and how the software simplifies the overall process for freight forwarders.

Curious About Inventory Management Software For Your Warehouse?

No matter what warehousing industry you work in, you will receive many benefits from using software for warehouse management and inventory control for your warehouse.


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