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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

Import Your Customer List into Your Magaya System

See how to import information into your Magaya system such as your list of customers. You can use a CSV or XML file format.

Never Miss a Revenue Opportunity: Automate Charges

How much easier would your operations run if you added charges and made them appear automatically in operations transactions? For example, if you want a Documentation fee included with every shipment, read this article to ensure a charge is never missed (and a revenue opportunity is not missed), no matter which employee creates the transaction. If you would like to see how to make this work in your Magaya system, keep reading.

Average Cost: How Your Magaya System Calculates the Average Cost of Inventory Items

If you buy and sell inventory, or are thinking about adding this service to your business, read this article about Average Cost of inventory items.

Moving a High Volume of Freight Easily: Interport Services Case Study
Moving a High Volume of Freight Easily: Interport Services Case Study

The hum of fork lifts moving between the high racks full of inventory is music to the ears of the team of dedicated and experienced people at Interport Services who love this business. They maximize Magaya software to handle a high volume in their warehouse and operations department.


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