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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

Set Payment Terms for your Customers
Set Payment Terms for your Customers

Your Magaya system includes a set of default payment terms and a way to define your own payment terms. The terms can be used in transactions such as Quotations, POs, Invoices, etc.

Online Payments: First Data
Online Payments: First Data

Magaya offers a secure method of credit card payment for your customers. Set it up in your Magaya system to begin accepting credit card payments today.

Magaya Software Release 9.9 New Features: Improved Shipment Processing

Version 9.9 of Magaya software continues to add new features based on customer feedback and to bring you the latest innovations to make your business processes go more smoothly.

Magaya Software Release Version 9.8

Magaya software release version 9.8 includes enhancements to operations functions designed to simplify some procedures, including loading items from Purchase Orders into Warehouse Receipts, more document settings, fields, and columns.


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