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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

Create Multimodal Shipments Using Routes in Magaya Software

Do you arrange multimodal shipments consisting of different forms of transport and need to find the most cost-effective route from shipper to consignee? Then take a look at the Routes feature in Magaya software. It enables you to add different carriers for the same segments and compare rates. An added benefit of using the Routes feature is how it automatically fills in the data on the Routing tab and the Charges tab when you create a shipment with a Route.

Drop Shipping: How to Set it up and Use it

This article explains how to configure Drop Shipping in your Magaya system and shows an example shipment transaction.

Magaya Software Release Version 9.7 includes New Pricing Features

The Magaya Development Team has been working on new software features and enhanced some existing features to improve Magaya software for you. Check out these features that are designed to help you set prices for inventory, manage taxes and currency exchange rates, and to see Sales Order details in a new way.

Magaya Software Release 9.5

Version 9.5 brings you enhancements designed to make work easier, help you comply with US government regulations, manage inventory costs more accurately, and we present a new, secure online payment method to your customers.


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