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Sneak Peek: New Software Features Coming Soon in v 10.6

Sneak Peek: New Features Coming Soon to Magaya Software in Version 10.6

New Look: new toolbars, icons, folders – new look, same functions

The new design includes new colors and icons for operations such as creating Warehouse Receipts, Shipments, Accounting transactions and more.

Hover over the button to see the function. All the operations you create daily are still there in the same place; they just have a new button.

There will also be a new icon for the software on your desktop and in the taskbar:


Redesigned Configuration Menu

The Configuration menu is now in alphabetical order, making it easier to find the settings you need. You can also right-click on any option to add it to the new "Favorites" menu at the top; use this for options you need to access frequently so they're easy to find.

Other New Features Coming in 10.6:

Magaya Cloud News

Now use your Outlook email when working in the Magaya Cloud.

Integration with USPS

Create shipments, print USPS labels, cancel shipments, automatically get tracking status into your Magaya operations that are visible to LiveTrack users and more with this new feature. Magaya has added support for United States Postal Service (USPS) via a new relationship with Endicia, a subsidiary of, which provides Internet-based postage service for ecommerce businesses. USPS shipping works seamlessly with Logistico. Orders in online stores are updated in Logistico as shipments are created in your Magaya system. This is an exciting new development that many of our customers have asked for, especially 3PLs and Distribution Centers who fulfill orders for their customers. Stay tuned for this in the upcoming release 10.6, and add Express Link to get this feature running to its fullest. 

Fine-tune when Transaction Tracking Messages are Sent

In version 10.6, you will get more control over when Transaction Tracking messages are sent from your Magaya system. You will be able to turn on an option to send links when events occur. See your Events list in any transaction or in the Configuration menu to see a preview of the options. 

Fast Scans and Photos: The Dimensioner Scale

In this release, you'll be able to use the Dimensioner for releasing items, especially useful for repacking. We've enhanced it to work not only when receiving packages. It photographs cargo instantly and enters the photos, weight and dimensions into your Magaya system with one click. Imagine how much time you'll save. 

Scan 2D Bar Codes

When receiving boxes that contain more packages inside, you will be able to scan the 2D bar code on the outside of the box and get all the serial numbers for the boxes inside. This is just one of the improvements to WMS Mobile handheld wireless scanners, making them more useful every day.  

Additional New Features: LiveTrack, Logistico and Accounting

LiveTrack users will have templates to speed up creating transactions online and sending them to you. 

Logistico will work with the Shopify POS for point of sale transactions. Other improvements coming to the e-commerce portal include managing taxes on sales orders. The interface has been enhanced. 

Many accounting enhancements, including fiscal year closing automation, ability to pay invoices in different currencies, a new 1099 report, and more. 

Update: The 10.6 release is available as of August 1, 2017. See the Release Notes in your Page One welcome screen in your software.  

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