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Caex Uses Logistics Management Software to Inventory Management Time by 85% with Magaya
Caex Uses Logistics Management Software to Inventory Management Time by 85% with Magaya

Power of the right Logistics Management Software


Our Customers: Caex Logistics

Improve Processes With Magaya's Supply Chain Software 


Caex logistics shows, with graphs and data, the impact of the right supply chain and logistics software.

Caex Logistics has managed the document handling, packaging and logistics needs of clients for over 30 years. They have successfully served customers from all over Central America and Miami, and we are proud to call them customers! During a Magaya workshop in Costa Rica, Claudia Valencia of Caex Logistics shared their amazing results. 

When they became customers, we were able to work together to have a smooth install and implementation experience. In addition, we offer support services to help new customers adapt to increased efficiency and speed of processes. 

We were able to serve Caex Logistics by offering robust supply chain software and training to empower their business to reduce errors and leverage automation.

Implementation of Logistics Management Software - Foundation for Success

Through a consultative approach and strategic implementation process, Caex Logistics was able to implement changes to their existing logistics and supply chain strategy. 

The steps Caex Logistics took to implement Magaya were:

1. Preparation
2. Communicating Internally
3. Integrating Systems
4. Configuring
5. Transferring Content
6. Designing the System
7. New Practices and Processes
8. Testing
9. Go Live


Caex Logistics saw time-savings across their logistics operations.

Caex Logistics reduced time spent per inventory management activity by 85%

Time spent on operations-related activity was reduced by 75%

Time spent on pricing-related activity was reduced by 56%

Time spent on finance-related activity was reduced by 24%

Caex Logistics summarized what they experienced after switching over to Magaya 's Logistics Management Software, including:

  • Reduced processing time
  • Streamlined creation of invoices and bills
  • Increased productivity
  • Created standard procedures and defined organizational strategies
  • Established one system for easy communication between countries and partners
  • Created a system with visibility and control at various touch points

Ready to Level Up Your Inventory Management?

Our dedicated software consultants are ready to answer any questions you may have on how your business can leverage Magaya's Supply Chain Software. 


Magaya Corporation is proud to provide customers with supply chain and logistics software to streamline business in over 80 countries. 

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