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Magaya for Sales and Business Development

Magaya has the solution for your sales operation's quote generation and rate management. The latest version of Magaya features upgrades to quotations, rates, and charges for your import or export shipments. These are major improvements to another important aspect of business. Your sales team will love these new capabilities:

  • The quotation screen is redesigned to make the quote entry faster and easier.
  • There is no need to create customers for quotations for new contacts or leads. Just type in quotation info, whether they are a customer or not. Then if the new person accepts the quotation and you generate the next step from it, Magaya will automatically create the customer record.
  • Quotes and rates will support different service types like door-to-door or port-to-port.
  • Rates can be applied to an entire country.
  • Generate rates in different currencies. 
  • The query rates screen is redesigned to facilitate a quick and powerful search from all the rates in the system to find the best options and suggest alternatives.

The benefits of your sales operations using Magaya are great:

  • Save time by maintaining rate records for quick lookup.
  • With one system of record, sales-related transactions and activity can be traced and attributed.
  • Customer and order information no longer needs to be rewritten or copied.
  • Business can be gained by keeping a close eye at open or aging quotes with reports.

All these capabilities mean less errors in your orders and more efficiency in sales.

How Do Quotes Work?

Visit the Knowledgebase and search for "Quotes", Bookings" and "Rates" or view our entry about the new features for more info.

Stay tuned for a video showing the enhancements from the latest version.

Start Today

Is your sales team working outside of Magaya? Email us to schedule a demonstration today or just leave your email below. See how your company can get started working with Magaya in order to save time and have your data completely integrated.

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