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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

Version 11 is launched!

Magaya began by creating one software product. Since then we've built a whole ecosystem of connected technologies that elevate your business by automating the daily details. The more you automate, the more the ecosystem delivers on its potential.

Magaya is built on an infrastructure stronger than any super hero's super powers. What started as the Magaya Communication Server has grown with your use and our innovation. We harnessed the best technologies to transform it into the Magaya Communication Suite, the driving force behind the scenes of Magaya's database and Network infrastructure. Some may say that stuff is boring, but we love it! Our developers never cease in their quest to find and apply the best technologies available to make your operations run better and faster.

Here are some highlights of the Magaya 11 ecosystem:

  • LiveTrack app for iOS and Android
  • Extensions - desktop and web apps integrated with Magaya
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Binder app for sending pictures from your phone to Magaya database
  • New beautiful document templates
  • Enhanced Rate Management & Freight Quotes
  • Canada eManifest
  • Full end-to-end eCommerce readiness
    Read the full article on new features in version 11 in our Knowledge Base.

    Tap into the potential waiting in the features. Version 11 can turn your data into high octane fuel for your business. See what it can generate for you. 



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