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Magaya Ensures Import Compliance into Canada with the New eManifest

To help our customers compete internationally, we’re introducing the first extension to our software for importing goods into Canada. The new Canada eManifest feature is included in Version 11 of Magaya software and is connected to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) so Canadian companies and their agents can send shipment data electronically in advance.

When importing goods into Canada, the information about the shipment and goods must arrive prior to the shipment itself arriving in the country. For example, air shipment data must arrive at least four hours prior to arrival of the cargo. Ocean shipments require 24 hours advanced filing, rail requires two hours, and road transport one hour before the shipment arrives at the border.

The Magaya system sends your CCN (the Cargo Control Number, which is the Master shipment number from the carrier) to Canadian Customs. The Master and House shipment information for consolidated shipments go directly from your Magaya system to the CBSA, including details such as commodity weight and dimensions, saving you data entry. Then you receive confirmation messages back into your Magaya system. No need to log into multiple systems, making compliance easy and reducing delay of goods. Logistics is a connected industry, so we take on the work of building connections with the latest technology so you benefit from our innovation.

We built the eManifest extension to ensure reliable, secure and fast transmissions of your data. The validation screen is beautifully designed and simplifies your work flow. It’s easy to activate and use in your Magaya system.

If you're a member of CIFFA, the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association, your membership includes one free license of Magaya software. Per-transaction fees apply for the eManifest. Contact us to get started so we can activate the eManifest extension for your Magaya system today.

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