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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

Magaya Expanding in Panama


Magaya is committed to Panama and is working alongside Asociación Panameña de Agencias de Carga de Panama (APAC) to bring the newest technology into international trade. Magaya and APAC became partners in 2017 and members are eligible to receive a free Magaya License.


Magaya attended Expo Logistica Panama recently. Two of Magaya's newest representatives, Yuliana de Nobrega and Diana Fernandez greeted customers. The Exposition allowed for companies to expand their knowledge in logistics and find out about the new technology advances.


Exhibitors visited the show to make business contacts and learn what the logistics world has to offer.

Panama hopes to be known as the “center of operations” for all logistic transportation through the Panama Canal.

For over a century, Panama has played a crucial role in world trade. About 5% of the world trade goods are passed through this canal and about 9% is contributed to Panama's GDP. The Panama Canal's overhaul allowing for post-panamax ships was finished in 2016. Additionally, Panama uses the US Dollar, making transactions more efficient than other countries. 

If you want to reach out to our Panama team, contact us.

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