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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

How Wholesalers and Distributor Companies can take advantage of Magaya's Version 11.1

Wholesaler & Distributors

Wholesalers and Distributors have had to accommodate to a myriad of market shifts, starting with Amazon and the boom of eCommerce. The lines between B2C and B2B are become increasingly blurred, and automation is a necessity for warehouses to keep up with demand.

To help eliminate the need for manual tasks, Magaya has released Version 11.1, which features an ecosystem of solutions. This ecosystem meets the needs of wholesalers and distributors and will continue to adapt to the demands of the market. The top three things to consider:


Modern customers are accustomed to receiving things quickly and being able to track where their packages are. As a result, other companies have had to provide the same visibility to consumers. With LiveTrack, it is easy to push out tracking links to consumers.
Customer Demands - The more eCommerce grows,  the quicker that companies have to adapt to customer needs. To help address customer demands, the Magaya ecosystem provides a series of mobile and desktop apps to give clients the ability to provide that info to customers with ease.
Multiple Platforms - Considering how many outlets are in the marketplace, it's key for one platform to connect with all of them. No matter which platform is currently being used, Magaya can integrate with them.


Commissions & Discounts

Magaya 11.1 continues the expansion of our value proposition for Wholesalers and Distributors. Quotations and Sales Orders now feature Discounts on the line item level, and the Salesperson Commission system has been completely reworked.
Users can now assign Customers to Salespersons in batch, link Employees to Salespersons for quicker Order and Quote entry, and generate the accounting for paying Commissions in batch. The Commission engine can run as general as one overall rate for the whole company, down to a single item and salesperson combination.
For an overview of how these, and other features of v11.1 work, check out our Knowledge Base


The LiveTrack app can provide visibility into your operations, not just to your customers, but to your own company as well.
The super user (a LiveTrack user created for “My Company” in Magaya) can view all transactions of the company, regardless of which customer or agent created them.
The latest app release also features a major framework update, delivering improvements in performance and design, as well as a more native user experience. Be sure to update your app in Google Play or iOS App Store.
The LiveTrack app improvements were completed in time for Magaya 11.1, but  are also compatible with v11.


In addition to photos, you can now upload PDF attachments from your phone to Items or Transactions  in Magaya

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