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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

Mapping Out Growth: Wholesale & Distribution Companies Part #2

Growth Plan Part #2

In the previous post, we covered key tips when discussing a growth plan. We covered the key starting points for Wholesale and Distribution companies to consider before scaling their businesses. Everything from current market trends, assessing your current and future customer's impact on your profits, and much more.

Once you have the growth plan set up, it’s time to implement a system that will automate all of these new processes. With the Magaya ecosystem, you will be able to implement the tips we covered and also begin to scale.


Magaya's eCommerce suite makes sure that your online sales, warehouses, and shipping are in perfect sync. See the orders from all your clients' sales channels in one place, ready to ship. Eliminate manual customer service and costly mistakes as inventory and tracking are updated in real time across their stores. This eliminates the need for a big, costly one-off integration project between an eCommerce platform and ERP/WMS saving you time and money. With our suite, you get to access, out-of-the-box, to the major marketplace applications:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Etsy
  • Squarespace
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Bonanza
  • Wayfair
  • Houzz

  • Inventory Management

    Managing your inventory becomes a lot easier when you have created smart, automated procedures for you warehouse. With Magaya, your team can efficiently replenish orders, plus use guided put away and picking sequences that optimize warehouse space. Having your accounting system directly integrated with your inventory management is another way you can keep your team on the same page throughout the entire process. Scroll down to the "Accounting" section to learn more.


    The Magaya Binder app takes photos of packages or cargo, barcode labels, documents, PDFs, checks and more, and it instantly attaches the photos to existing Magaya transactions or Commodities in the system. It is often used in the warehouse to take photos of cargo and add them to Warehouse Receipts, Shipments, or other Magaya transactions. Once uploaded, your customers can see the photos on LiveTrack immediately.


    The LiveTrack app is by far one of the most popular apps from the Magaya suite. Magaya LiveTrack is an interactive online portal and tracking tool that provides 24/7 access to Pickup Orders, Warehouse Receipts, Cargo Releases, Shipments, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Jobs, Invoices, and more. Your customers and agents can log in to their account from any Internet-connected device, worldwide and at any time. This on-demand access helps you provide a high level of customer service. The following list is a deep-dive on all of our features:

  • Rates: Your customers can view the rates for services.
  • Bookings: Your customers can view existing bookings and place their own booking requests which are sent directly to your Magaya system.
  • Pickup Orders: View Pickup Orders to check their status and details such as the shipper, carrier, number of pieces, etc.
  • Warehouse Receipts (WR): See shipper information, consignee, carrier, item descriptions, date and time received, cargo on hand, in transit or delivered, and more.
  • Cargo Detail: Shows all the cargo in the warehouse for the customer, i.e., every box in every WR (but not grouped by WR).
  • Inventory: Shows what inventory is available for customers who keep inventory in your warehouse. View part number, description, serial number, manufacturer, etc. by right-clicking on the commodity.
  • Online Sales Orders: Your customers can place orders online in LiveTrack. This can be used for wholesale (B2B) and B2C orders. Your company salesperson can log in online and place orders for their customers.
  • Cargo Releases: View Cargo Releases and their release date and time, carrier, number of pieces, dimensions, and more. Customers and agents can create Cargo Releases for items they want to be shipped. The screens are the same as creating an online shipping order. See the section “Online Shipping Orders” for details.
  • Shipments and Online Shipping Orders: Shows information for a shipment and any documents attached to it such as the air waybill, cargo manifest, etc.
  • Invoices: Shows invoices, date and amount due, and more.
  • Transaction Tracking

    Along with LiveTrack, Transaction Tracking is one of our key features that will solidify your customer service as top notch. Keeping your customers informed, with real-time data, by simply giving them access to a link saves your team time. The Transaction Tracking feature in Magaya software gives your customers current information about their transactions via an email message with a link, which can be accessed by the customer at their convenience. You can configure your Magaya software to send an email to a customer automatically whenever a transaction is generated in your Magaya system, or when a specific event occurs. You can also customize which transactions each customer receives. For example, when a Warehouse Receipt, Cargo Release, Pickup Order, or the shipment is created for a customer’s cargo, you can notify that customer with Magaya Transaction Tracking. You can also customize the message in the email.


    Gain access to a complete accounting system that is integrated with the operations features of the software. The Magaya system transfers all the information so you can create bills, invoices, and other accounting transactions easily. Some of the features available includes:

  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • Handling multiple currencies
  • Customer payment terms
  • Chart of Accounts and a list of Items & Services
  • Banking (checks, deposits)
  • Carrier rates (and contracts for customers and carriers)
  • Many accounting tasks can be automated to ease the processing, including: Automatic creation of charges in operations and when working with routes
  • Recurring accounting transactions
  • Periodic invoices
  • Reporting

    Basic reporting capabilities are at the core of any operation that wants to measure its growth and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Within the Magaya ecosystem, as part of its main features, you can access the following types of reports:

  • Profit Reports available by Customer, Salesperson, Agent, and Operations. You can gain insight on which customers are contributing to the overall profit of the company.
  • Profit & Loss Reports will show your income, cost, expenses, and profitability for a time period.
  • Sales Reports shows sales by item, customer, or agent. You can also create reports of open invoices and aging accounts.
  • Purchase Reports will walk you through your purchases by item, carries, and vendor.
  • Inventory Reports will display where the inventory is within a warehouse, and the levels of each item, including perishable items.
  • Balance Sheet will show you your total assets, liabilities, and equity. A complete snapshot of your business capital, how much it owns and how much it owes.
  • Final Mile

    Our Final Mile application will be your superstar of fulfillment. Running on both Android and iOS, it will help your delivery drivers to collect delivery information and a customer signature when delivering merchandise to the final consignee. Using the app, drivers can see the list of pickup and deliveries for the day, cargo descriptions, addresses, and maps. The app connects to your Magaya system to retrieve the orders pending for specific drivers so they can load their trucks. Multiple drivers can use the app to make pickups and deliveries at the same time. Each driver sees a map of their tasks, get turn-by-turn directions, and see their truck location displayed with an icon on the map. The Magaya ecosystem offers you a full set of features ready to integrate seamlessly into your business to meet all the needs of your operation. Once it’s integrated, Magaya will provide a holistic view of your business, showcasing the process from the initial order to the customer receiving an item. If you would like to see a tailored demonstration with your businesses' needs and operations in mind, remember you can always reach out for a free consult with one of our logistics advisors. We’re available at [Phone number]

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