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Traditional Forwarding vs. Modern Forwarding | Webinar

What Are Clear Ways Technology Can Help You Scale And Grow Your Business? Does It Really Mean I'll Work Less And Get More Done?

There's a Million Things You Need to Get Done Each Day

You have to coordinate the picking, packing, labeling, booking, shipping, and customer service of all of your customers. On top of that, you're responsible for making sure the shipper and customer know where things are at all times.
Good news? It's 2019 and technology can streamline your supply chain. Don't drown in overwhelm, instead streamline and adapt.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to Process Orders Faster
  • A Proven Way to Track Shipments in Real Time
  • How Over 1,600 Forwarders Have Dropped Costs and Redundant Work
  • How You Can Scale Faster, Larger in 2019


All right. So let's go ahead and started. I know that, uh, uh, you guys are busy people and so I want to thank you all for your time. I hope that you are going to invest, uh, probably half an hour wisely here with our presentation. And what is our traditional freight forwarding? What are they doing? Uh, normally a very ceasar modern freight forwarding through technology. And that's what we would like to show you, the benefits of embracing technology. Um, as we move forward. For the most part, all of you guys are in the, in the business and a one way or another one, you guys have reached out to us, uh, to see the benefits. So we want to encourage you guys to see some of the benefits of [Magaya] and how you guys can apply them to your operations a day in and day out. So that's why we decided to do this, um, Webinar, excuse me, to show those, um, for you guys and a at the end, make a decision if you guys want to continue with, uh, uh, farther assessment of our application.

So again, thank you for, for your time and let's go ahead and start since you guys are, your time is very valuable. So, uh, my name is Andres Rubio. I'm the senior, I'm a senior software advisor here at my guy. I have more than 10 years of experience, uh, with the product. And, uh, previously I was, uh, in the shipper side, I was with a large company, Cooper tire and rubber company. I was a cheaper, so I had a lot of contact with freight forwarders or have been involved in logistics for quite awhile. And then I was in the transportation side being in the airline in the cargo industry. Um, so a lot of, uh, experience in the logistics. And now here at [Magaya], uh, is you in, um, uh, a broader expect from of the operations logistically speaking, which I love. And now we have been able to see not only the ocean, air and ground, but many, many more things.

Uh, so I'm excited to show you guys some of these benefits in the freight forwarding industry. So welcome. So let's continue at, this is basically what we see. Uh, a traditional freight forwarder. This is where we will, they will tell us or they will tell anybody in the sales field, they will say they don't have time to see anything new than what they have. And this is, uh, a nice cartoon. It says, don't have time to see any crazy salesman. I have a battle to fight. So we have the technology, we have the tools, but they still don't want to listen to it. So thank you for being here and listening to what we have to, to offer. So here are some of the responsibilities that a regular freight forwarder will have. You know, usually you have to complete the booking the, uh, ocean carriers or the airlines and you have to complete the documentation bill of lading, destructions, different things, a certificate of origin or origin.

Uh, and of course update the shipper and customers about all the shipment through out the whole, um, process that, that one, I love his emails coming in, phone calls coming in and out nowadays, whatsapp. And we just, he just doesn't stop customers inquiring for that. Um, we also see traditional operations, uh, from the pickup order. You have to go pick up the cargo, take it to the airport and how they do it nowadays with papers and more papers. So that's something that we will discuss in a little bit, uh, how to coordinate also sorting of the labeling, labeling, packaging and so on. And of course the end result is for you guys that customers don't see what you're doing behind the scenes if you're organized for now, but to ensure a smooth transition in that export. And that's what you're looking to have a happy customer at the end. But that's how you would do it and how you're going to do it. It's another issue.

So you're a freight forwarder, you are a multitasker. You are a negotiator, you're a logistics expert. Uh, you all go out on the sales field and you have your customer service and you're a juggler. So that's afraid for her. And that's where we are. We are in this industry. If you want to get out, you can't, you love it. You get drained into it and you always ask how to make things better and better can be done more organized, uh, through technology. So here's where our software comes in. We have a software that can empower you to one process orders with more ease, faster to meet those deadlines and plan effectively be more organized with dashboards. I'm three work with multi vendors and partners faster. That's what our software is going to empower you among all things.

What are the things, can technology help you with? Handle more business. Arrange accurately. The lira destination track shipments in real time are using not only mobile applications are also on the desktops, uh, from your own customer portal. And of course look and feel professional at all times with specific documentation and uh, just two will be streamlined at old times. Do you know, embracing technology? Uh, some people still believe that technology is not there. It's not for them. They can still do things manually. On a, here's a quote from Robert met Cathy, uh, found her at three com and he said that he predicted the Internet will go spectacularly Supernova and in 96 got that fully collapsed. Well, it happens that technology's still here is going to be here and that's where we are in technology. And that's a true statement that we have to believe in it.

A little bit about Magaya information. We are a technology company that we have currently over in 1600 a freight forwarders worldwide. These are some, uh, testimonials of customers that they believe in the software, how it has improved their operations. So here we have aes, our two experts shipping and they say, my guy has given me the ability to achieve a paperless environment. That's something that my guy is, tries for, have everything in one place and trying to avoid all the printing and printing of documents. So paperless environment, it has produced tremendous amounts of time savings, not to mention all the time in money all the time. Time equals money all the time.

I know air freight forwarder that we have, it says we can give our customers visibility and inventory control with the online tracking. They can see what's being received, what's in transit, what's delivered. And that is Patrick will, you are from simple freight solutions. So you can see, we can also offer a real, uh, state of the art technology offering that visibility and inventory control. Um, in real time from the web tracking, we have some of the tools that we can show you guys as the pickup order of the cargo, how you can use technology to do it, um, avoiding so many, uh, documentation and paperwork and that pick up the car from the factor from the warehouse to take into the port or the final mile at destination using also from port to final destination delivery. So let me show you a little bit of, uh, um, I wanted to show you a quick video of our application of the final mile. Let me see if I have these here. One moment.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 1: Just going to a show, a very quick clip help. We'll have the audio.

So basically what we're doing here and what I'm showing is an application that we have that any transportation, uh, in your company will have the ability to download this application from the APP store and they are going gonna receive paperless electronically. They pass that they are going to have to do so they know what they have to go and pick up where and where do they have to deliver. And this is gonna Update in real time your Makhaya system and also is going to help you with the routing showing you even a map to see which is the a more optimized route to run the liver, those products. So this is a little example of the tools that we will have. So once I'd delivering this cargo, I just going to show how they can receive and get the signature that will be displayed in real time in your medallion system.

All right. So if we go back to your system, you are going to be able to see that proof of delivery with a signature and also on the tracking, on their web tracking they signature. All right. So that's pretty much about that that I wanted to show is it go back to our presentation. We also have our tools, um, and the,

Okay. You can also coordinate the labeling and packaging in the warehouse. It's amazing. But many of our customers, before they joined the guy yet they were doing things manually. They were actually buying boxes and boxes of uh, labels or pre label a preprinted labels and writing a handwriting. And uh, many mistakes were made because sometimes once you have one box is a problem and once you have a volume of boxes, uh, and the phone is ringing and just started making some mistakes. So here is a very easy way to receive the cargo and just to print the labels directly from the system. So let me go fast to the system. So you create a warehouse receipt, a shipment is arriving with so many pieces and you are just going to print directly from the system is going to print every single label, in this case a thousand. So you just can print all those and he's going to be automatically printed and you're going to be in real time putting those labels. So there's no mishap. And also you're going to be able to say we're in the locale in their warehouse in which location that carboys. So there's going to be a very simple task that many of the forwarders that don't have any system they inquiry in, in the present moment. So let me show you how a simple label will look.

Of course, any documentation. This is a four by six label where if your company and your logo can be displayed, you can show any consignee there. Worst, have receipt number, the location, you have barcodes to um, start using a handheld devices if you need to apply them and so on. And any of these documents can be customizable to your needs. So it's going to be a very handy, uh, a nifty operation to have your brand, your company brand with a nice logo and so on. Let's go back to our presentation. Here we go. All right. What else we have now another feature that we, I personally like a lot and I I I swear by these one and I hope that uh, you guys will see the benefit is like I guess an integrated software and as such we have an integrated accounting software, our fully automated software accounting software, uh, Betty's gonna link every single transaction to the system. Yeah. So I'm going to play a and just a short video of a customer that, is just mentioning how much they like it seems they start using my guy software. Let me see if the audio will work. Okay. All right. So it seems like the audience stood working properly, but basically what we're saying here is this customer, they were, I'm just going to sum up the video and I apologize for the, for the audio. Basically this customer, they were using excel before they were using the guy and they were opening every single file in excel and then they were passing everything into quickbooks. I writing mannerly and they were doing a lot of double entry and making a lot of mistakes. This lady, which is the financial manager for ITN worldwide. She has my guy or open all day long and she sees how the operations are feeding the system automatically, all the bills and accounts receivable and accounts payable in the system. So she swears by my guy how her life has changed. That is kind of the point of that video. So sorry you guys didn't get the whole flavor and I hope I was able to summarize in a nice way what she was trying to say.

So Charlotte, thank you for the video but um, couldn't show it in a proper way. All right, so accounting, big, big piece in, into these, uh, my year system. Let's move on another, uh, aspect and our tool with these technologies, how you can update the shippers, the customers, everybody that is part of the transaction. We have real time solutions, the web tracking, and these can be these web track solution can be uh, for every customer you know, they only need is a password credential and they go in and you can manage all their accounting, uh, or account better. And they can see everything from warehouse receipts, from shipments, from invoices, inventory, anything that you guys want to show your customer is going to be able to see it.

And of course your customer can dig deeper and see all the transactions inside how they look like and they can see what has happened with them and they can see the latest and greatest with the transaction details. So this is a key feature on how to keep those customers up to date in real time. This is one of the main benefits that big companies are selling our telling their sales rep to go and sell just in order for them to get their business. So you will be able to get real time technology to compete with the big, with the big boys out there in the market.

All right, so this is the life track. Again, this can be embedded on your website and make it a more professional with all their logos and so on. So that's another tool that we have at our disposal. Let's continue on. So you guys don't get bored here. So we have accounting, we have our laugh track and this is a summary of some of the benefits of this technology that we can offer. You guys is a, you know with technology you can find transparency, speed reducing times is going to be more reliable, you know, less errors. You're going to have automations with rates and so on. You're going to be able to, to build faster, uh, your costumers and also pay your vendors a more accurately. Uh, also you are going to reduce errors. Everything is in the system. You are going to be able to capture, there's audits in the system and so on.

And last but not least, we think that with the technology you are going to be able to have happier customers externally and internally that you are going to be able to have all the information at your disposal. So you could use multiple softwares. You can have an accounting software, you can have a logistics software. Uh, some customers use, they say that customer service is excel or word and so on, or a project management software and warehouse software or even other applications like final mile for delivery. Or you can use my guy, my guy is an integrated software that is going to have all of that in one place.

So here you go, is for that concern. Can we see what is out there? Can we have the right tools to make our job easier? So I leave that question to you guys to be solved, um, if you guys needed. So at the end of the day with this presentation, what we're looking for is we hope that you guys can have a better idea of what we can potentially present to you on a formal demo. So for our limited time and available only for those that are attending this Webinar, we can have a 15 day of our free trial and uh, we can also have a free demo one on one. Um, and we will be able to help you and assist you deeper and deeper into your operations to see if my guy is the right fit for you. And third, which I love that. Um, even more ease my guy.

Yeah. We'll give you a full reimbursement of the whole process of the implementation. We want you to be successful. We want you to be able to utilize the tools and to use the software correctly. So that is, we're going to be following up with you guys to see if you guys would like to, uh, to analyze farther and see how more than 1600 customers are getting the benefit day in and day out. Uh, we have been in business for over 20 years, so we have a great reputation and experience in the field. Uh, and for those of you guys that don't know as much, we are headquartered here in Miami, uh, Miami, Florida, and we have, uh, reps and all other, um, colleagues in many countries that we can assist you, whatever you are right now. So, uh, just get, uh, get in touch with us and we will be able to assist you.

So help us help you, uh, to be more successful. So that is in a nutshell what we to offer. So now I'm gonna open the floor for questions if you might have, uh, if you don't well follow up to see what you think about these uh, presentation. I know that a very short, uh, but it is so much that we have to present that 20 minutes of your valuable time, um, is difficult to capture and to show you everything that we might have. But hopefully you were able to see and that was the purpose of these, uh, presentation to show you on, to let you know that there is technology out there to win that battle in a faster way. So let me see if we have any questions so far.

Let me see. I'm looking here at the control panel to see if we can have anybody seen, let me see Melbourne or do you have any specific question? Hmm, let me see an additional, no. All right, so it seems like, or I did a really bad job or you guys understood everything. Okay. So there is a question here. It says, do we have erm well that is a great uh, that is a great question. We currently are building a more robust CRM. We should be having something towards the end of the year, something that is more robust for our industry currently. I can tell you for experience that with what we have, some of our customers are being used are being able to utilize our application as a CRM even though it's not a whole suite of CRM. So we're missing some features but you still can use it without having to invest in an additional software and you are going to be able to have alarms, reports and hall how to follow up many of the customers and activities that you have. So 100% the CRM is coming down the line is in our pipe pipeline. Uh, one of our goals 2019. Uh, but if you need something right now, we still, you still can see on a one to one demo how what we have can help you because I have seen it firsthand.

If we have any government account, is that what you're saying? Quarter mint accounts. Um, what do we have with the government at this point as a software provider is we do have, uh, many interfaces with them, uh, from the logistics standpoint with customs. So when you're doing exports, we have a, uh, expert declaration. They Eei, you cannot file it electronically from [inaudible] or when you're doing inputs, you have the ISF and the ams that you can do directly from the system. Um, I don't know if that's what you are referred to them and that is in place of course. And we have many other integrations with, uh, electronic airway bill, uh, intra and many other, uh, communication platforms. Okay.

We don't have actual a, the question from Danny's, if we actually have actual clients, the handle with the government. Uh, Danny, I can tell you that in the past, me personally, I have had customers that have used the system for the government for specific projects. Uh, usually they are not ongoing. Uh, I have some customers that they handle a military equipment for the government, for other countries. Um, but I don't know if their suppliers directly the government or other ones that are linked to the government. And sometimes it's difficult for us to know who their final customers are. That is confidential information. But, um, uh, you know, I will be surprised if some of our customers are not dealing with the government. I would say many of them might have accounts with the government. We can talk that more of the record. Uh, you can contact me or, and we can go more in detail, uh, on see what exactly you're looking for. Okay. Thank you. Then. Perfect.

Okay. I don't see any more questions so far. So again, uh, I want to thank you everybody for participating. Your input is very valuable. Uh, I hope that you guys enjoy it. I tried to do it as much as enjoyable as possible here in logistics. You know, how this is, but, uh, please, uh, received my thank you note for participating and we will be following up to see if you guys want to receive more information or set up, um, a formal demo, one once a weekend of this costume. MCI is the right fit for you guys. So thank you again and I'm gonna let you guys go to your daily activities as you guys are very busy. So thank you so much and I'm gonna just, um, uh, close these, uh, Webinar for the time being. So thank you. And we'll be in touch. Bye. Bye.

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