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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

What is eCommerce Fulfillment Software?

ecommerce fulfillment software

What is eCommerce Fulfillment Software?

eCommerce fulfillment software supports businesses running shopfronts across multiple online platforms. They supply features and apps that support B2B interactions, accounting, and shipping across all the platforms you use.

We’ll cover what eCommerce fulfillment software can offer your business and how to navigate the features.


Primary features of an eCommerce fulfillment software

These are the most important and common areas businesses benefit from software management. 

Inventory control

  • Makes it easy to for you and your customers to access  your inventory. 
  • Your fulfillment software can help you stay well-stocked and reduce or prevent a customer from ordering stock you’ve run out of. 
  • Cloud support means your inventory details are available online anywhere.

Multi-channel management

Do you have more than one shopfront? For example, one on Amazon and another on Shopify. Some products require frequent updating, especially for their pricing. Instead of adding or updating a product individually on every shopfront, do it once. Multi-channel management will help you keep all of your shopfronts in sync, so they all show the same products, price, and details. 

Overall order processing

  • Automation of your order processing can pay for itself over and over again. 
  • This software can alert your customer as their order moves along the chain and notify them of shipping details. 
  • In the warehouses, the software prepares picking and shipping lists and fills out receipts and international forms to save you time and errors. 

Supply chain management software

Supply chain management software streamlines the process of moving products across the supply chain, from production to the end customer’s door. If your business works more with the supply chain, an ERP may be a great option for you.

Warehouse management systems

Warehouse management systems can simplify managing large amounts of inventory in and out of your warehouse or warehouses. Warehouse software can handle the automation of ordering, stocking, picking, and shipping of orders. 


Additional features to look for in an eCommerce fulfillment software

eCommerce integration

If you’re using common platforms like Amazon and Shopify, you’ll find order management software options often integrate with your shops. Integration makes order management, fulfillment, and shipping easy! Compare potential software with the storefronts you have and to find out if you’ll be able to integrate.

Automatically import new orders

  • Save time on the automation of new orders. Your software can automatically track and handle incoming orders on all channels.

Manually enter purchase orders

  • For jobs that are usually done by hand, not all fulfillment software handles eliminating and replacing this slow process well. When you need to adjust the price or volume of an order, your software can streamline the process and make it easy for shipping and record-keeping down the road.

Search and edit orders

  • When you can look up an order using this software, you can handle order questions effortlessly. With cloud access, you can review orders even on-the-fly. 

View invoices

  • Simplify accounting and check on orders with a simple click, rather than having to sift through so many stacks of papers.

View and manage inventory

  • Software makes inventory management reliable and fast. 
  • Know what you have on hand and when it’s time to order supplies without having to hand count everything.
  • With software based in the cloud, you can check inventory anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Offer inventory alerts

  • Inventory management can alert you when you’re low on supply and whether you have ordered more.

Verify and process returns

  • Management software makes complicated returns easier than ever by updating supply records and handling the order record for you.

Run reports and generate advanced analytics

  • Order fulfillment software generates reports about how your customers shop and provides statistics on nearly any question your business may have. These statistics help your business grow by helping you to better understand your customers.

The benefits of using fulfillment systems in your business

Increase accuracy and decrease errors

  • Faster, more accurate accounting
  • Shipping lists ensure customers get the right package

Automation saves time and effort

  • Picking and packing lists tell you what products to ship and where they are located 
  • Generated invoices make accounting easier

Streamlines the entire fulfillment operations process

  • Prepares shipping and packing lists and shipping labels
  • Immediately updates inventory 

Offers real-time e-commerce tracking and order updates, making customer service a breeze

  • Alerts customers as their order moves through fulfillment, from processing to shipping and delivery
  • Customers are provided with invoices they may need for their own business purposes. These may be available on the cloud for instant access for both parties.

ecommerce fulfillment software

What's the best order fulfillment software for small business?

To make shopping easier, this list covers the top five fulfillment softwares in 2019 and what their customers say about them.


Customers’ thoughts:

  • Complete ERP and eCommerce fulfillment software-based support
  • Functional
  • Reliable
  • Tools for CRM
  • Difficult to learn
  • Small glitches or lack of functionality
  • Unable to make large orders
  • Poor quotation tools


Customers’ thoughts:

  • Easy
  • User-friendly
  • Functional
  • Complete solution from WMS to 3PL to ERP
  • Cloud functionality
  • Premium product with an attached cost
  • Lots of features; takes time to learn to navigate without training, but training is readily available.


Customers’ thoughts:

  • Complete 3PL service
  • No more packaging shipments
  • Difficulty contacting support
  • Difficulty setting up


Customers’ thoughts:

  • Easy user interface
  • Streamlined shipping
  • Lots of integration choices
  • Clearly defined price tiers
  • Difficulty contacting support
  • Phone support is only available to Enterprise customers
  • ShipStation Connect has many functional issues
  • Poor international support


Customers’ thoughts:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Useful knowledge base
  • Outdated features
  • Not enough eCommerce integration choices


Customers’ thoughts:

  • Easy to use
  • Enterprise-level support at a lower price
  • Plenty of CRM tools
  • Difficult to learn
  • Difficult to get support
  • Low-cost versions are extremely limited

How Magaya’s fulfillment software works with your online store

Magaya is a complete solution for many companies. We offer management all the way through the supply chain, including ERP and 3PL tools.

Cloud access

Our products are available on the cloud. No matter what computer you’re on, you can log into the cloud to receive answers to any questions you may have. Here are some of the best benefits of accessing your warehouse, inventory, or eCommerce software through the cloud: 

  • You won’t need to install Magaya on every computer you plan to use; just log in through the cloud.
  • Back-ups on the cloud save on hosting costs and maintenance.

Using our cloud access can save you time and money; needed information is available anytime, no matter where you are.

Warehouse management

If you just need order fulfillment and eCommerce software, we offer great warehouse management and eCommerce solutions. Our warehouse management software can manage your warehouse, or warehouses, and track inventory whether you have a small warehouse or many large ones.

Our cloud access saves you warehouse space by securely storing data off-site for you.

Inventory management

Our inventory management is accurate, reliable and convenient, saving money on costly inventory errors. 

If you have a supplier you rely on, your software can order supplies for you! Once your supply order is in, it will notify you so you can rest easy knowing more stock is on the way. This feature can be set to report the pricing of supplies and to order only when supplies are under a certain price. This feature will help to reduce your costs by keeping you advised on pricing and allowing you to purchase when the price is best for your company. 

Multi-channel management

For businesses with many online platforms, Magaya can simplify your work by integrating with those platforms! Update price and item information in one place with support for multiple channels.

Our warehouse management system integrates easily with Logistico to make managing your warehouse and online presence easier. Update the price or description for your products at once, anytime you need to do so.

In addition, Magaya automatically integrates with the following platforms through Logistico:

  • Amazon
  • BigCommerce
  • Bonanza
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Houzz
  • Magenta
  • Shopify
  • Shopify POS
  • Squarespace
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Wayfair
  • WooCommerce

Wherever your eCommerce business currently is, and wherever you want it to go, Magaya is ready to help you achieve your goals!


Online order management

Once your customer places an order, they can receive notifications about where their order is in the process. Magaya will supply them with their tracking number so they can keep an eye on their order while it’s in the shipping stage. 

Order fulfillment software 

Also considered eCommerce fulfillment software, this type of software offers features to streamline a business’s processes across their online platforms and shopfronts. eCommerce software often features apps for both B2B and everyday customers. For more complete systems, some software is more of an ERP software with eCommerce integration.

Order fulfillment management

Shipping and packing slips make order fulfillment easy. Magaya fulfillment software will supply you and your team with all forms and packing slips you may need, even if it’s for an international order.

After purchase support

Your customers aren’t the only ones who need support. If you have any questions or concerns after purchasing your new system, Magaya is available with a supply of knowledge base articles, tech support, and email and phone support.

Contact us today for a demo to find out if our eCommerce or WMS solutions are right for you!


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