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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

Video Tutorial: How to Show Details on a Bill of Lading

Video Tutorial: How to Show Details on a Bill of Lading

In the world of commercial shipping and transporting, bills of lading are an essential part of the process within the vast system of global shipping and handling. These documents serve as both a contract and an actual bill, confirming that all goods are on board the ship or transport.

Two different types of bills exist, the master bill of ladings and the house bill of ladings. The master bill is a contract from ocean carriers to freight forwarders and contains a list of all the goods in transport. The house bill of ladings is also a contract between the freight forwarder and customer, detailing the goods that the customer will receive. 

While this may seem simple in theory, these documents must be extremely accurate and can be extremely time-consuming to prepare. Let’s take a look at how Magaya’s software solution creates these bills of ladings, the deeper details it can accommodate, and how the software simplifies the overall process for freight forwarders. 

How Magaya Creates Bill of Ladings

Whether you're shipping a full container, an "FCL" for one customer, or shipping a container that has cargo inside for multiple customers (an LCL), you can create the Bill of Lading documents using the Magaya software. In the simplest terms, the Magaya software is able to auto-populate most of the forms that a Bill of Ladings requires. Our intuitive user interface reduces your learning curve while ensuring the maximum amount of accuracy in all your bills of ladings. 

The video below walks you through an overview of the process in greater detail. Now let’s take a look at how Magaya allows for more detail in the different bills of ladings. 

Create Detailed Bill of Ladings with Ease

While the Magaya wizards do most of the work above, our solution does not stop there. Unlike other programs, Magaya enables you to:

  • Customize text boxes and content
  • Create specific configurations to meet your needs
  • Add additional information as needed
  • Add Terms and Conditions to the Bill of Lading

Saving Time Through Automation

It’s easy to say that a well-written bill of lading helps everyone involved. Having an easy to use process allows you to save your team time and reduce the number of errors within the bills.

Magaya makes the process around the bills of lading easier for freight forwarders by keeping everything in the same system. Unlike other systems that piece together warehouse management, logistics, shipping and handling, Magaya serves a singular ecosystem for the entire process, from start to finish. 

In a supply chain management system, this kind of comprehensive organization cannot be underestimated. By automating most of the Bill of Lading process, your company is able to ensure that accurate information is being documented on a consistent basis. 

To learn more about how the Magaya solution can simplify your processes, schedule a demo with us today! 

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