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How to Seamlessly Integrate with Top Carriers

integrate with top airline carriers

How to Seamlessly Integrate with Top Carriers 


Digitalization of freight forwarding is here, and the easiest step to take is one that will facilitate one of the hardest parts of the business: keeping track of all those legal documents!

When filing cargo documents, it’s often easy to run into issues: from receiving incorrect information to keeping your customers informed on where their shipments are, in can be difficult to manage it all. 

With the Magaya Cargo System, you are able to incorporate a myriad of tools within the solution to make your documentation process easy to manage. Plus, opting to use digital methods saves money with printing costs and time spent manually filling out documents. Internally, these extensions assist with organization by maintaining a digital copy of all of your cargo's documentation.

These extensions allow you to book and send requests to ocean carriers with INTTRA, ship items through UPS™, FedEx™, or USPS™, and also send information to airline carriers with eAWB. 

No matter whether you need to file an air waybill or connect with a major carrier service, Magaya can do the heavy lifting on your behalf to keep your team efficient and organized.  

Getting Started with INTTRA

Using INTTRA is crucial in the ocean freight industry. This standard electronic booking system is used by more than 35,000 shippers across 177 countries with 60 leading carriers and NVOCCs and 150 software alliance partners. 

Magaya is a software alliance partner, allowing for all of our Cargo and Supply Chain solution users to be integrated with INTTRA’s platform. The benefit for users includes being able to:  

  • Create and send booking requests to the ocean carrier
  • Create and send shipping instructions to the ocean carrier
  • Use LiveTrack to view all the events related to the shipment

Users are able to create booking requests from within the Magaya solution and send them electronically to the ocean carrier. Upon reviewing the request, they return it to your Magaya system. Users can also send shipping instructions to the ocean carrier directly from the Magaya system. 

Every step of the request process can be automatically posted online in Magaya LiveTrack for your customers to view as the events happen, keeping them updated on the status of their shipment. By opting in to use INTRRA, users are able to save time and reduce the overall number of errors with documentation. 

Save Time with Express Link


With Magaya, you can seamlessly ship your items through UPS™, FedEx™ or USPS™. Express Link allows for users to have end-to-end shipping order management from shipping to returns, all in one place. Plus, contracted rates and other information is kept within the Magaya system, allowing you to save time on requesting shipments and printing labels. 

Apart from saving time on creating labels, your team also saves time on customer service. Through Magaya, your customers can also view the status of their shipments. Watch how easy it is to use by viewing the video below: 


Keep Documents Organized with eAWB

The Electronic Airway Bill (eAWB) extension allows for expedited communication between airline carriers and logistics providers. By using eAWB, Magaya users are able to digitally send their information to carriers and receive confirmations from the airlines all through one portal. 

Other benefits of using eAWB include:

  • Meet regulatory compliance rules
  • Real time data exchange
  • Reduced cost of printing AWB documents on paper or purchasing pre-printed AWBs, printers and print cartridges and courier costs
  • Reduce data entry time and errors
  • Reduce delays caused by illegible paper AWBs due to tears, rips, corrosion, water damage, etc.
  • Speed up processing by catching errors earlier
  • Easily searchable data in secure electronic format for reporting

Apart from these benefits, our Magaya solution allows you to distinguish between information going to carriers and information going to customers. A Master Air Waybill would serve as a contract from an airline to a freight forwarder. A House Air Waybill serves as a contract from a company that handles the transportation to a customer. An example of this use would be a freight forwarder connecting with a seller. 

With eAWB your team is able to save time on printing documents, reduce errors, and keep your business protected from compliance issues. 


A Trusted Partner 

All of these extensions are available through the Magaya Cargo and Supply Chain system. These systems allow for you to organize your logistics business and expedite all of your internal workflows. The Magaya solution allows you to manage orders and process shipments with complete accounting and communication functionality integrated in every part of the process.

Since 2001, Magaya has been dedicated to make businesses thrive with the use of technology. As the industry continues to develop, our solution also changes to ensure your business can stay up-to-date, organized, and save time and money. 

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these products, schedule a demo today! 


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