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Desktop, Web, and Mobile Apps Working Together for You

magaya ecosystem working together for you

Desktop, Web, and Mobile Apps
Working Together for You

When shipping cargo or managing a warehouse, there are a series of moving parts working to efficiently maintain a smooth operation. The Magaya solution was created with all of these moving parts in mind, managing everything from warehouse zones to accounting.

Apart from the main functions within the Magaya system, an entire ecosystem of apps is available to ensure your business can run these multiple systems effortlessly. Our apps and extensions allow you to have all of your operations in one single system. 

Best of all, using our apps allows all of this information to stay housed within the Magaya software, allowing you to keep all of your data organized. 

Making Warehouse Operations Easier 


Rid yourself of cords and extra camera equipment to track your photos. With Binder, you can easily take photos and upload them through your phone to the Magaya software. Take as many pictures as you want and attach them to specific transaction or item. 

Plus, once the data is updated through Binder, it can easily be seen by your customers via our LiveTrack app. This app is available for both Apple and Android phones and is free to download! 


Weighing Cargo can be tedious and errors are costly – but with Dimensioner, both of these issues can be taken care of with ease. Dimensioner is a device that sits within your warehouse, and captures this information from objects on a pallet in an instant using sensors within seconds. 

Typically, the average person takes around four minutes to measure, weigh, and capture images of cargo. With Dimensioner, this process is cut down to roughly 11 seconds. Once the accurate dimensions are captured, they seamlessly sent to your Magaya system. For every pallet, Dimensioner saves companies $40 of typically lost revenue by recording maximum dimensions accurately, and roughly 3 minutes in increased efficiency.*

*Based on performance tests done at Magaya's clients.


Removing the Guesswork from Tracking and Shipping 


Provide your clients with real-time updates on their orders through LiveTrack. Not only can your customers view documents at any time, but they can also view their invoices online and pay them. For business owners, LiveTrack also allows you to view the inventory quantities by description, model number, manufacturer, or another descriptor. 

To ensure your data stays protected, LiveTrack is password protected with each customer receiving their own login credentials and unique ID number. This portal allows for them to view the status of their cargo and also view any related documents at any time. 

Final Mile

The Final Mile app allows businesses to pick up and deliver packages faster and collect signatures with ease. This complimentary app is available for both Apple and Android phones, and allows users the ability to complete pickup and delivery tasks in the most efficient way. Customers are also given visibility on where their packages are. 

Through the app, users can view maps, routes, tasks and package details. Final Mile also features integration with map applications for turn-by-turn navigation and best route options to ensure the package is received quickly. Upon delivery, the customer signs directly on the phone without needing a stylus and the Magaya system is automatically updated to reflect delivery status. 

Direct Communications with Major Carriers


With the electronic air waybill (eAWB) from Magaya, your business can eliminate the need for paper documents. Freight forwarders and major airlines are now able to communicate electronically directly through Magaya, cutting down on errors traditionally seen with paper.

Through this app documents are easily searchable, making reporting easier to compile with accurate data. Apart from keeping documents organized, eAWB also ensures your team meets regulatory compliance rules. 


INTTRA was made specifically for Ocean Carriers, connecting 35,000 shippers across 177 countries with 60 leading carriers and NVOCCs. 

Magaya users who use INTTRA are able to create and send booking requests or shipping instructions to ocean carriers. The carriers are also able to communicate with clients, and it can be seen within the Magaya system. 

As an added benefit, this entire process can be seen by clients through our Magaya LiveTrack plugin, giving them visibility into their order status. 

Express Link

Ship domestically or internationally with Express Link through Magaya. Express Link connects with UPS, FedEx, and USPS allowing you to track and ship packages on one platform. Your contracted rates are saved, and you can print labels with all package details with ease. 

Not only will your team save time, but the app allows you to eliminate redundant and error-prone data entry by shipping directly from your Magaya system. Express Link can also help you manage returns with ease. 

Easy-to-Use Connections with Customs 

Denied Party Screening (DNS) 

Stay compliant with Denied Party Screening. Before sending a transaction to U.S. Customs, the DNS plug-in connects to the current U.S. list of denied parties and screens the entities in your Magaya system to verify if any parties in the transaction are on the list. 

Banned countries will also be screened through DNS. Any list of entities in your system such as the customers, vendors, or carriers and vessels, will be scanned, further ensuring compliance with U.S. requirements.


The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) requires notice of cargo information to be sent prior to arrival in country. Save time with paperwork and remain compliant by using the eManifest extension through Magaya. With this extension, you can electronically transmit cargo pre-arrival information to customs directly from Magaya. 


The Magaya system now has an extension available to customers operating in Mexico who need to file their shipment Information to the government agency via ValidaCarga. Once installed, your Magaya system will receive and save messages from ValidaCarga for every shipment sent to ValidaCarga from your Magaya system. Currently, the ValidaCarga extension is only for ocean FCL (full container load) shipments.

DMC Panama

With DMC Panama, Magaya is able to directly communicate with Panama’s Declaración de Movimiento Comercial (Colon FTZ). This allows freight forwarders, customs brokers, importers and exporters to submit all their documentation to the Administration of the FTA and Panama Customs electronically through their Magaya.


U.S. Customs requires all companies to electronically file export shipment documentation if the value of the cargo is greater than $2,500. 

To stay compliant and file with ease, the ACE connection sends all the information about the cargo items shipped by air, ocean or ground in each House shipment to Customs, including Schedule B export codes, Schedule K and D codes, IATA, SCAC and license type codes.

It is easy to have your Magaya system configured to file these documents directly with U.S. Customs. 

U.S. Customs Automated Manifest System (AMS)

The Automated Manifest System (AMS) from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is designed for the electronic filing of shipping documents in advance of the cargo arriving in the US to expedite the process. 

Through Magaya and AMS, you are able to send documentation required for ocean and air imports in advance of the cargo arrival. Not only will you save time, but you also ensure compliance with US Customs regulations, automatically. 


Similar to AMS, the Importer Security Filing (ISF) works primarily with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to ensure that information is sent to them before cargo arrives. With Magaya ISF, you can meet the 10 + 2 importer security filing initiative for all cargo before the vessel arrives in the US. Ultimately, this plugin speeds up the filing process, plus eliminates data entry errors.


Our next app will be designed with freight brokers in mind. Once Magaya’s ABI platform is released, brokers will be able to file US Customs entries and releases for imports right directly from the Magaya system.

No matter whether you’re a Freight Forwarder, broker, or an eCommerce company, these apps are available to use within your Magaya system. The main Magaya solution serves as a way to expedite internal workflows, and these plugins do even more on your behalf, saving you time and money. 

To learn about what our ecosystem can do for you, request a demo today! 

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