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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

Traditional Forwarding vs. Modern Forwarding | Webinar

Logistics software designed for freight forwarder’s day to day responsibilities, no fluff. Watch this webinar to explore how freight forwarding software has transformed 3pls, Freight Forwarders, and customers.

International e-AWB Penetration Reaches 50%

Did you know that international penetration for e-AWB has officially reached over 50%? IATA has been leading a successful industry-wide initiative to replace the paper Air Waybill with the e-AWB – removing the requirement for these documents to be printed and instead be completed and sent digitally.

Our Customers: Deluxe Freight

Deluxe Freight has been using Magaya since 2007. Hear from Willie Munoz, president of Deluxe Freight, as he talks about some of his favorite Magaya features.

5 Items that you Should Definitely Crate

When transporting fragile, sensitive or delicate items, crating is the best way to ensure they arrive in one piece.


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