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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

Traditional Forwarding vs. Modern Forwarding | Webinar

Logistics software designed for freight forwarder’s day to day responsibilities, no fluff. Watch this webinar to explore how freight forwarding software has transformed 3pls, Freight Forwarders, and customers.

Are You Making the Most of the Accounting Features in Magaya?

Charlotte Romero, Finance Manager for ITN Worldwide in Miami, Florida, talks about the benefits of using Magaya's accounting features on a day-to-day basis.

Magaya at Conference of the Americas from December 3-5

Magaya will be a sponsor and exhibitor at Conference of the Americas in Orlando, Florida from December 3-5, 2017.

The Logistics of Wine

We have done research on how logistics technology has benefited companies in wine wholesaling and distribution. Software comes into play at every step of the supply chain: from sourcing to warehousing, selling and final delivery. One topic that a lot of people are interested in is getting started in eCommerce sales.


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