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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

How Mobility and Mobile Apps are Changing the Logistics Industry

Rolling out mobile apps in the logistics industry has helped businesses to realize key benefits!

Magaya Webinar: Impress Your Customers

Magaya's latest 10.5 software release contains many enhancements to empower you to impress your customers. Customize your documents with multiple pages. Add logos and more to LiveTrack. Receive benefits from improvements to shipping-related features.

How Companies Can Save by Using Mapping Technology for Delivery

It's hard to compete with mapping technologies when it comes to finding the best routes for delivering cargo.

Final Mile: A Pickup and Delivery Mobile App

We're excited to announce the launch of our latest mobile app, Final Mile. Final Mile gives users all the tools they need to efficiently complete pickup and delivery tasks while giving their customers automatic updates in real-time. The app is integrated with Magaya, giving all stakeholders visibility into pickup and delivery.


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