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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

ACE Portal EEI Filing Webinar April 21

Are you ready to file your export documents in the new US Customs ACE system? Attend this important webinar to learn how to file EEIs from your Magaya system before AESDirect closes.

ACE Portal Demo: See how to File EEI's from Magaya in the New ACE Portal

See a demo of the test environment in Magaya now. It shows you the current look of the portal based on what is available from Customs today.

ACE Portal Troubleshooting April 2016

See how to correct errors when filing an EEI in the new ACE portal. This video shows the ACE portal as of April 7, 2016. Magaya software version 10.23 is required.

Top 5 News to Know from Magaya for February 2016

Here's the roundup of recent news highlights for February 2016 with links to the articles.


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