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Your Supply Chain Software news feed!

New 3PL Video Tour in Spanish

Magaya has released a new video series on the Magaya 360 Product Tour in Spanish. See how Magaya can benefit your 3PL operations with a video tour on the receiving of products.

Version 11 is launched!

Magaya began by creating one software product. Since then we've built a whole ecosystem of connected technologies that elevate your business by automating the daily details. The more you automate, the more the ecosystem delivers on its potential.

New 3PL Software Video Tour

Discover how Magaya software can benefit 3PL operations in our new videos added to Magaya 360. The tour is separated between receiving and shipping goods.

From Vineyard to Warehouse to Table: Gourmet Food & Wine Distributors Case Study

“The supply chain is extremely important in the wine business. Our wines are very competitively priced because our supply chain saves our customers money,” said Mr. Danny Hoyos, owner of Gourmet Food & Wine Distributors. “We directly represent the wineries. By handling three tiers of service - logistics, importing and distribution – we keep our prices competitive.”


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