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Magaya Network's Supply Chain Collaboration Software Drives Bottom-Line Growth

Business-to-Business Communication Made Easy

Features and Benefits

The Magaya Network is the communication infrastructure that all Magaya products are built on. It enables real-time tracking, B2B communications, and is the foundation of the Magaya Community.

Search for partners by city, country or keyword to find companies with expertise you need in destinations you need to reach. Enter your company's profile so others can find you easily. See what business opportunities arise.

Unlike any social network, the Magaya Network is a business tool that increases productivity by connecting you to your customers, destination agents and other supply chain partners. You can exchange Magaya transactions without retyping data, resulting in faster processing and improved customer satisfaction.

We've built all our Magaya products on this infrastructure to bring its benefits to work for you. 
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Send Shipping Documentation to Destination Agents

Send Shipping Documentation to Destination Agents

Logistics providers use the Magaya Network to send all the documentation for consolidations electronically to their destination agent who also has a Magaya system. The agent at destination receives the information electronically, and views and prints all original documentation prior to the cargo arriving. Once the cargo physically arrives, the agent can run a simple reception process that will generate on-hand warehouse receipts for all the cargo arriving, and the system at destination will electronically send a message back to the system at origin, automatically updating the cargo status to “At Destination.” Imagine the time savings and error reduction impact on your business. New growth opportunities abound.

Real-time Tracking 24/7

Real-time Tracking 24/7

Our tracking application gives you and your customers real-time status of inventory, shipments, and more. Updates are visible online the instant events happen. Give your customers password-protected access and set their permissions so they can perform functions such as  book shipments online, post a sales order, see Air Waybills and other documents, print their invoices, and more.

Connect with Others in the Magaya Network Community

Connect with Others in the Magaya Network Community

The Magaya Network is the foundation of the Magaya Community, a directory of companies using Magaya software that you can search to find a business partner. Search for partners by city, country or keyword and send invitations directly from your Magaya software interface. Manage your company's profile and post it on the Network so others can easily find you. Connect and expand your network.

All Magaya solutions are built on the Magaya Network

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