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Get The Most Out Of Magaya's Supply Chain Software

Self-paced, virtual, or live  training based on your company type and specific employee roles

You researched and selected the best logistics software for your company. Now harness the full benefits of the Magaya software solutions to give your company a competitive edge. Training materials are available to help you get the most out of your Supply Chain solution software, and they're available on the web 24/7. You can also request custom training to suit your needs. Magaya software training can help you to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Incorporate new software features in your operations
  • Match skills to new services your company will introduce
  • Improve customer satisfaction using the communications tools
  • Refresh skills with a customized follow-up Q&A session
  • Train new employees

Please contact us at +1 786.845.9150 to request more information from our Training Department

Training Formats

Available as self-paced training, live instructor, or virtual/remote instructor training.

Role-specific Paths

Training can be designed by product, subject, role, business cycle stage, etc.

Learning Center

Get started with free resources on key products, features and procedures by visiting our Learning Center.

Self-paced Online

Self-paced Online

Get access to our robust training resources at your own pace, including how-to tips, videos tutorials step-by-step assessments, tech tips and detailed explanations in the user manuals. Available at any time with a computer and Internet connection.

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No-Travel Training

No-Travel Training

Live Remote Training: Learn from the convenience of your own place and get all the benefits of a live instructor without travel. Web-based meeting software, participate in real-time 'Q & A'.

Just an Internet connection and a computer is required.

Please contact us to schedule a session or reserve a space in a regular session.



Learn from the experts in a collaborative learning environment at a Magaya Authorized Learning Center. Benefit from an interactive learning experience with instructor lecture, classroom discussion and on-site access to a live environment.

Magaya Authorized Learning Centers - Onsite is currently available in:

  • Miami, USA
  • Sao Paolo, Brazil

Regular training hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Custom Training

Custom Training

  • When your team needs training tailored to meet your specific project goals or environment, contact us and we’ll custom-build a learning agenda just for you
  • Custom training onsite at any Magaya Authorized Learning Centers is available with a 2-hour minimum
  • Special arrangements can be made for onsite training at your location on a daily rate base; contact us for more detailed information.

Onsite Training - Travel

Magaya Center or at your office

Request a quote for our professional consultation services, we go to your offices or you can come to one of ours. Different rates apply for each case.


No-Travel Training

Remote Live Training

Attend our training sessions remotely, all you need is an Internet connection and our consultants will help you and your business


Custom Training

Tailored (travel or no-travel)

We'll review in detail your needs and custom design the perfect agenda according to your needs. Contact us for more details.


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