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The Magaya Cargo System is a logistics management software that can revolutionize your business. Discover what is unique about Magaya Cargo System:

  • Quotations, bookings, and pickup orders
  • Receive online booking requests
  • Air, ocean, and ground shipments consolidations
  • Use Proof of Delivery (POD) software to capture accurate data
  • Step-by-Step Procedures to accomplish cargo operations
  • Enable your customers to track their cargo around the world with the LiveTrack Plug-in
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Manage the entire process of exporting and importing cargo. Create shipments and generate documents such as international and domestic Air Waybills. Watch video demos on how it supports export and import operations.


User-Defined Languages

Magaya empowers employees to work in either English, Spanish or Portuguese. Users are able to change the language of their Magaya software right in the login screen. This reduces the time it takes to get started and lets employees work quicker. The language one user selects doesn’t affect other people in the same company, so everyone can work in their preferred language / idioma / língua!

Worldwide Shipping Transportation Case Study

Serving the Booming Manufacturing Industry in Mexico

From their offices in Puebla and Mexico City, Worldwide Shipping Transportation S.A. works with partners and its sister companies in Grupo Soher to provide a comprehensive suite of services to the manufacturing industry in Mexico. Solutions are tailor made from a variety of options by their experts in freight forwarding, engineering services, distribution and shipping.
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Case Study: Atlantic Overseas Express

Making Regulatory Compliance a Competitive Advantage

Miami-based freight forwarder Atlantic Overseas Express owner Lourdes Leon discusses how she got started in this industry, her standards, and the specialties of her company. Complying with requirements is a priority and the bedrock of their best practices. They also have offices in Colombia and ship freight for the entertainment industry in Latin America and service other industries and countries. Accomplishing all this is done with Magaya's logistics management system.

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United Shipping & Logistics Case Study

Logistics Excellence in the Face of Adversity

Valery Adrien, CEO of United Shipping & Logistics, has built a solid foundation for professional logistics. With that foundation, his company is able to bring logistics excellence to Haiti and tackle disaster relief challenges.
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AB Forwarding Video Case Study

Watch how AB Forwarding was able to eliminate double-data entry and integrate warehouse and shipping operations with the help of Magaya.

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All Magaya's solutions are also available in the Cloud for those who don’t want to spend their hard earned money on infrastructure.



The Magaya Network is the communication infrastructure that all Magaya products are built on. It enables real-time tracking, B2B communications, and is the foundation of the Magaya Community.



Not sure if what you are looking for is a Logistics Management Solution?




The Magaya Electronic Air Waybill (eAWB) plug-in takes users into the electronic freight future. Electronic communication between freight forwarders and major airlines is accomplished with ease. Reduce errors and increase speed by sending air waybill information electronically from your Magaya software.


The API connects your Magaya system with other systems such as accounting programs or to integrate order processing. The API is a XML Web Service so it can be used with the most popular programming languages such as Visual Basic, C#, Java and C++.

LiveTrack Customer Portal

Give your customers online access to Pickup Orders, Warehouse Receipts, Cargo Releases, Shipments, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Jobs, and Invoices at their convenience, 24 hours a day, with LiveTrack.

Express Link

Use Express Link to ship items domestically and internationally with UPS, USPS and FedEx directly from your Magaya system. Save time by requesting shipments from printing labels using the details already entered in your Magaya system. A link tracking link connects to the tracking website, so your customers can check the package status any time. 

VIN Decoder

The VIN Decoder plug-in is designed for shipping cars and exporting all types of vehicles. This plug-in accurately gathers all the information about the vehicles being shipped and speeds up the processing of the vehicle data that is required for exports. The data is automatically transferred to your Magaya system.

Other Plug-Ins

Magaya has develop over a dozen plug-ins to complement our solutions and to cover necessities as they are presented by our customers. Need a functionality that's not included here? Check out the list to see all the plug-ins.


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