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Bar Coding Integration

The perfect complement for Warehouse Management System

Use the Magaya Bar Coding Plug-In with bar code scanners to validate a packing list in a shipment, to load items into a shipment, or to scan part numbers when you receive inventory. The Magaya Bar Coding Plug-In works with a barcode scanner connected directly to the PC using a USB or a PS/2 port.

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Validate Packing Lists

Ensure the correct items are loaded: After items are loaded into a shipment, verify the packing list by scanning each item. The validation process will show any items that do not belong in the shipment, ensuring accurate and complete shipments.


Load Items

Make loading items into shipment transactions and Cargo Releases easy with the bar code scanner: Options in your Magaya system include scanning the barcode on the Warehouse Receipt document or scanning the Magaya tracking number on the box receiving labels. This is especially useful for couriers who create small parcel shipments.


Receive Items

Save time: If you are receive items by Part Number, just scan the label of each item and all the details about that item will load into the Warehouse Receipt. No retyping of data each time the item arrives.


This communication infrastructure is automatically installed and configured when you install any Magaya Product, allowing you to start communicating with other logistics companies and provide real-time Internet tracking for your customers instantly.

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We can give our customers visibility and inventory control and show them the documents they need to see for their business. With the online tracking, we can offer our customers one-stop shopping: They can see what's been received, what's in transit, what's delivered. All they need is a user name and password.

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Bar Coding

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