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Denied Party Screening Software Plug-In

Comply with the regulations set and enforced by the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security

This plug-in connects to the current U.S. list of denied parties and screens the entities in your Magaya system to verify if any parties in the transaction are on the list before you send a transaction to U.S. Customs. This plug-in can also screen for banned countries and verify any list of entities in your system such as the customers, vendors, or carriers and vessels, ensuring compliance with U.S. requirements

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This communication infrastructure is automatically installed and configured when you install any Magaya Product, allowing you to start communicating with other logistics companies and provide real-time Internet tracking for your customers instantly.

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We can give our customers visibility and inventory control and show them the documents they need to see for their business. With the online tracking, we can offer our customers one-stop shopping: They can see what's been received, what's in transit, what's delivered. All they need is a user name and password.

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