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Ocean Carriers Interface (INTTRA)

Connect with your Ocean Carriers and send Electronic Verification of Gross Mass (eVGM)

The Ocean Carriers Interface Plug-in enables your Magaya system to communicate electronically with worldwide ocean carriers. Make booking requests and receive confirmations and the Bill of Lading. Send shipping instructions directly to the carrier and track each container.

Verifying the gross mass of shipping containers is required by the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) amendment. Magaya gives you the ability to send the VGM electronically to ocean carriers.

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Ship Safe Using eVGM

The regulation requiring the verification of gross mass was put into place by the IMO to reduce damaged cargo, danger to ships and even loss of life due to inaccurate container weights. Verifying the weight of the containers means load masters can have the information they need to make informed decisions about loading containers onto ocean vessels


Satisfy Compliance with eVGM

Failing to verify gross mass of containers can result in a number of penalties, which differ based on the parties involved. Ports or carriers can levy fines if the containers arrive at the port unweighed, and thereby requiring the port staff to weigh the containers before loading them. Shipments can even be detained. Accurately weighing the container and sending the crucial information electronically eliminates this risk.


Maintain Information in Magaya

Submitting your eVGM and other documentation to carriers with the plug-in is a simple process in Magaya. The information is sent directly from your system, transferring all the shipment data so you don't have to re-enter it. The carrier replies back to your system in real time. You also receive the Bill of Lading in PDF.


Track & Trace

The plug-in works directly with the Trips Schedule you set in your Magaya system, so all requests to ocean carriers contain all the needed trip data. The confirmation is also sent to your system. You receive automatic status events about each container you ship - from loading to arrival. Your customers can see the events in real time via LiveTrack - automatically - no double-entry by you.



INTTRA is the largest neutral electronic transaction platform, software and information provider at the center of the ocean shipping industry. INTTRA's innovative products, combined with the scale of our network, empower our customers to trade with multiple parties and leverage ocean industry information to improve their business. Connecting over 225,000 shipping professionals with more than 50 leading Carriers and 120 software alliance partners, INTTRA streamlines the ocean trade process. Over 700,000 container orders are initiated on the INTTRA platform each week, representing over one quarter of global ocean container trade.


This communication infrastructure is automatically installed and configured when you install any Magaya Product, allowing you to start communicating with other logistics companies and provide real-time Internet tracking for your customers instantly.

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“In the past when we needed a quote from ocean carriers, we would email them. It was diffcult to keep track of who responded and who hadn’t. Now we can manage the whole process more easily by transmitting the data back and forth from within our Magaya system.”

David Larr | DACON Logistics


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