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Online Sales Orders

For wholesalers and distributors

Save time processing orders with this plug-in: All the cargo details are submitted by the customer, ensuring accurate and quick processing. Enable automatic back orders so your customers can purchase items - even ones not on hand; your Magaya system can place the order for you to your vendors of choice so you don’t miss a sale, and you will ensure your customers buy from you.

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Bring in More Sales

Keep your inventory available by automating back orders and letting your customers purchase items even if they are not on hand. Your Magaya system can place the order for you to your vendors of choice so you don't miss a sale, and you will ensure your customers buy from you.

Quicker Order Placement:

Make it easier for your customers to find items in categories you define so they can browse or search with keywords. Your Magaya system can create a Cargo Release or a Shipment automatically for you.

Greater Accuracy and Reduced Errors

When your customers place their items in their online shopping carts, you will be sure of exactly what they want. No mistakes caused by retyping from emails or transcribing from phone calls.

Save Time with Automation

When the order is received, the system automatically creates the different transactions for other departments such as the Purchase Order for the Sales department, the Cargo Release for the Shipping department, and the Invoice for the Accounting department.

Online 24/7 Convenience

Your customers can log on from anywhere at any time to place an order.

How it Works

Create categories in the Inventory Organizer in your Magaya system and make the inventory items with photographs and descriptions viewable online. You can also set up your system to order inventory that reaches a minimum stock level and to create the Purchase Order automatically.


This communication infrastructure is automatically installed and configured when you install any Magaya Product, allowing you to start communicating with other logistics companies and provide real-time Internet tracking for your customers instantly.

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We can give our customers visibility and inventory control and show them the documents they need to see for their business. With the online tracking, we can offer our customers one-stop shopping: They can see what's been received, what's in transit, what's delivered. All they need is a user name and password.

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