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WMS Mobile

Scan your way through the warehouse inventory

WMS Mobile complements the Magaya Warehouse Management System. It runs on handheld wireless devices and gives you the flexibility to scan barcodes to view information about your inventory and perform tasks from anywhere in your warehouse.

Create tasks for users with the Magaya WMS program and send the tasks to the wireless handheld Magaya WMS Mobile units. Mobile users can access the tasks from the handheld units and perform tasks more efficiently throughout the warehouse. Scan bar code labels on boxes, shelves, and even vehicles.

WMS Mobile works with sequencing in the warehouse. You can define the order in your Magaya system to guide warehouse employees to recommended locations to put away items and to pick items in a certain sequence. This is especially useful for batch picking because it defines an efficient path through the warehouse, saving time.

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Receive Cargo and Inventory Items

Perform Informed Receiving and Non-Informed Receiving Tasks


Put Away (Move)

Put Away merchandise and assign locations in the warehouse via Informed or Non-Informed Move tasks sent to the handheld mobile units


Pick and Load

Create Pick Orders that include picking, repacking, and quality control in a staging area. Send Load Orders to the Magaya WMS Mobile users who select and directly load inventory


Count Inventory

Perform Informed and Non-Informed Inventory Counts using the handheld units


WiFi Setup and Hardware Requirements

The main requirement for using Magaya WMS Mobile is to have WiFi network in the facility where it is going to be used. The handheld devices need to be wirelessly connected to the server computer running the Magaya Database Server and Magaya Communication Server.

To expand an existing network to wireless, you need to install one or more WiFi access points. The access points are wired to your network and are equipped with antennas that broadcast and receive communication signals which are routed back to your wired network.

The number of access points required in your facility depends on the area you want to cover with the wireless network. The reach of an access point is usually around 300 feet. For example, to cover a 200 x 500 foot warehouse, you may need two access points to fully cover the whole facility.

The number of access points needed may also depend on the amount of equipment you have in your warehouse. For example, very high racks can cause interference so you may need more access points to cover the same area. The illustration shows two access points with a range of 300 feet each; the signal range overlaps in the center and reaches to the back wall of the warehouse to ensure all racks and areas are covered. There are companies that can perform a site survey before installing the access points to guarantee 100% wireless coverage of the entire facility.


Compatible Hardware

The recommended compatible hardware to use the Magaya WMS Mobile application includes wireless handheld devices, access points, and antennas.

Handhelds with a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 are supported. All screens are automatically re-sized for the different manufacturers of handhelds. Examples of handheld units that run Magaya WMS Mobile software include Motorola, Pidion and Honeywell models. 

The sample below is a standard recommendation; please contact your Magaya Logistics Advisor for questions about compatible devices.

The recommended operating system is Microsoft Windows® CE 5.0 or higher and Windows Mobile.

Recommended wireless handhelds devices:

  • Motorola - MC9200, MC3190, MC5574, MC9190, MC9590 (the MC9590 is recommended for taking photos), MC3200

  • Honeywell - HD6100, HD6500, LXEMX7 

  • Pidion - BIP6000

  • Intermec - CK71, CN51 

See specs, pricing, and compatible models on, a supplier of bar code scanning equipment. They also repair scanners. 


This communication infrastructure is automatically installed and configured when you install any Magaya Product, allowing you to start communicating with other logistics companies and provide real-time Internet tracking for your customers instantly.

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WMS Mobile

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