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Magaya eAWB

Look forward and eliminate the paper

The Future of Air Cargo

The Magaya electronic air waybill (eAWB) plug-in takes users into the electronic freight future. Electronic communication between freight forwarders and major airlines is accomplished with ease. Reduce errors and increase speed by sending air waybill information electronically from your Magaya software.

Join the Electronic Freight Future

eAWB Background and Benefits

The background of the eAWB project and Magaya's offering is covered in our overview video.

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Save Money

Printing an air waybill means the shipper is paying courier fees, printing and other costs. Multiply that by the many shipments taking place every day, and the paper airway bill costs soar. The eAWB plug-in costs a fraction of that and saves money across the supply chain. Save money and reduce time by using eAWBs

Easy Communication

Messages regarding the status of your eAWB are received in your Magaya system and archived for your convenience. All members of the operation have access to the same information, increasing understanding. Going electronic means there is no risk of losing documents and finding documents is achieved with the click of a button.


Satisfy Standards and Compliance

The Magaya eAWB plug-in uses the latest Cargo XML format via EDI. This means that the messages are transmitted in the standard format for air waybills and are accepted by most major airlines. The eAWB is authorized by international treaties regulating air transport. Getting started requires a signed IATA multi-lateral agreement.


Maximize Time and Accuracy

Information from Magaya software is converted to the eAWB automatically and sent electronically to airlines with the click of a button. No more dealing with printing the information and getting the hard copy to your airline. No more delays in cargo handling caused by missing or illegible papers.


Security in Knowledge

Having the contents of a shipment in electronic format increases the visibility into what is shipped. The visibility of shipments can flag suspicious goods or suspicious circumstances. Knowing what cargo is on what shipments keeps things safe.


Environmentally Friendly

The eAWB plug-in eliminates the printing, shipping and archiving of paper air waybills. This means less waste and less clutter. Reduce your carbon footprint and adopt the new technology.


This communication infrastructure is automatically installed and configured when you install any Magaya Product, allowing you to start communicating with other logistics companies and provide real-time Internet tracking for your customers instantly.

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