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Learn the benefits of Warehouse Management Software

Gain control of your inventory and automate accounting with Magaya WMS

Warehouse Inventory Tracking Software

Use warehouse management software to create reports on inventory information to increase visibility into your business. Get the big picture to help you make business-wide decisions that create tangible results: Determine profits, allocate resources, and discover ways to generate revenue, not just cut costs.

See inventory quantities, what was sold, and what is needed. Then you can implement a “Just In Time” (JIT) inventory strategy to maintain an efficient supply of goods, reduce the cost of storing excess goods for long periods, and increase customer satisfaction by having inventory when customers need it.

Our WMS enables sequencing in the warehouse. You can define the order in your Magaya system to guide warehouse employees to recommended locations to put away items and to pick items in a certain sequence. This is especially useful for batch picking because it defines an efficient path through the warehouse, saving time.

Inventory Tracking Software for warehouse, cargo, and distribution companies. Warehouse Management Software Solution for inventory.

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Control Inventory Better with Wireless Handhelds

  • Control every step of the process with barcodes from arrival at the receiving docks, to storage, and pick and load.
  • Work inside your warehouse and out with all the power of a PC in your hand.
  • Print labels from the wireless handhelds.
  • Reduce errors and speed up receiving, moving, picking and loading, and releasing.

Faster Receiving

  • Before items arrive, receive inventory information from outside vendors and automate the input via EDI.
  • As items arrive, scan the barcodes on packages or pallets, and your Magaya database stores everything in real time.
  • Include photographs of inventory items in your transactions such as Warehouse Receipts.
  • Print a Magaya receiving label for any items that do not come with part numbers. Magaya software automatically generates a unique number for the label so you can connect that item with a location to keep track of every item.
  • If you receive custom package types, you can add the dimensions in the software so the package is defined in your database and ready to use every time this package type arrives.

Improve Management Inside the Warehouse

  • As you move items to storage racks in your warehouse, the inventory control software automatically creates a record in your database of the items’ locations and storage time – all in real time so you see current, accurate data
  • Use barcodes to assign a code to each rack location in the warehouse and each item.
  • Find items easily for shipments, Customs inspections, or transfers to another warehouse.
  • Perform counts to maintain accurate inventory records.
  • Control inventory by part number, SKU, and/or serial numbers.
  • Scan vehicle barcodes for fast VIN data.
  • Create and print pallet ID labels to keep track of all items in a pallet to speed up processing a high volume of items.
  • When quantities get low, get automated Inventory Alert notices and automated order placement so you do not miss a sales opportunity.
  • Create reports with inventory manager software to see what is on hand, items that are arriving, how much cargo that went in and out during a certain time period, and more.

Release and Ship Accurately and Quickly

  • To release inventory, send Tasks to the handhelds for accurate picking and loading of items into shipments.
  • Print shipping labels with barcodes to load and ship items.
  • Scan barcodes part numbers and/or serial numbers as required by some countries for exports.
  • Instantly include a Schedule B code for exported items on the EEI with the click of a button, drawing from the inventory software’s built-in code database.
  • Create reports to see which items were released in which shipments, see which division of your company handles the most cargo, and more.
  • Create delivery orders for drivers, including maps, and get electronic signatures that the customers can view online.


All Magaya's solutions are also available in the Cloud for those who don’t want to spend their hard earned money on infrastructure.



The Magaya Network is the communication infrastructure that all Magaya products are built on. It enables real-time tracking, B2B communications, and is the foundation of the Magaya Community.



Not sure if what you are looking for is a Logistics Management Solution?


We can give our customers visibility and inventory control and show them the documents they need to see for their business. With the online tracking, we can offer our customers one-stop shopping: They can see what’s been received, what’s in transit, what’s delivered. All they need is a user name and password.

Patrick Oliva | Owner | Simple Freight Solutions



The Dimensioner transforms the model of recording the dimensions, weight and image of cargo. Now you can get that information with a monthly plan, rather than a large upfront investment. The device captures this information from objects on a pallet in an instant using sensors and seamlessly sends to your Magaya system.

WMS Mobile

WMS Mobile complements the Magaya Warehouse Management System. It runs on handheld wireless devices and gives you the flexibility to scan barcodes to view information about your inventory and perform tasks from anywhere in your warehouse

Final Mile

Pick up and deliver packages faster and collect signatures more easily with Final Mile. Great for couriers, it runs on smart phones, iPhone, iPad, and any tablet with the Google Chrome or Apple Safari Web browser. Additional platforms are being developed to give you the latest and best options to speed up your deliveries and pickups.

LiveTrack Customer Portal

Give your customers online access to Pickup Orders, Warehouse Receipts, Cargo Releases, Shipments, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Jobs, and Invoices at their convenience, 24 hours a day, with LiveTrack.

Bar Coding

Validate a packing list, load items or scan part numbers when you receive inventory. The Bar Coding Plug-In works with a barcode scanner connected directly to the PC using a USB or a PS/2 port

Other Plug-Ins

Magaya has develop over a dozen plug-ins to complement our solutions and to cover necessities as they are presented by our customers. Need a functionality that's not included here? Check out the list to see all the plug-ins.

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