A New Era of Mobile WMS: Flow WMS FAQ

Sep 27, 2021 | Industry


If you were to dust off your old flip phone for a day and leave your current handheld behind, it wouldn’t take long to appreciate all the modern conveniences that we now take for granted. From the modern, attractive intuitive user experience to the fast performance that new iOS and Android devices offer to the connectivity and photo features that are now built-in, there are a lot of advantages to using these new devices, not only in our personal lives – but at work, too.

And if the many advantages aren’t enough, the end-of-life of Windows CE is forcing warehouse operators to seek new options for WMS hardware and software, putting operations at risk with a no-longer-supported operating system. 

Magaya’s answer to the pressing need for a modern warehouse management system designed to make use of the intrinsic benefits of new iOS and Android devices is Flow WMS. The next generation of mobile warehouse software from Magaya, Flow WMS enables warehouse operators to enjoy all the benefits of modern handheld devices coupled with the power and flexibility of a complete mobile warehouse management system. 

Delivering real-time data visibility, Flow WMS is built to work with Magaya Supply Chain and Dimensioner for the ultimate warehouse productivity suite. Plus, barcode scanning and high-quality photo capture are easier than ever with Flow WMS, and images can be attached wirelessly to any transaction in Magaya Supply Chain.


Frequently Asked Questions About Flow WMS


Q: Are conventional Windows CE scanners being discontinued?
A: Yes, Microsoft has ended support for Windows CE, making it important for businesses that currently rely on Windows CE to find alternate solutions to modernize and continue their operations without disruption.

Q: What devices are compatible with Flow WMS?
A: Make use of the devices you already have on hand with the Flow WMS app, available for iOS (version 11 and up) or Android™ (version 6 and up) handheld devices. Support for iPad is coming soon. 

Q: Can the Dimensioner be triggered by Flow WMS?
A: Yes! For the ultimate in on-the-go efficiency, the Dimensioner can be triggered by Flow WMS, so a forklift driver could capture dimensions without even disembarking from their machine. 

Q: How many label sizes are supported by Flow WMS?
A: The solution currently supports 4×3 labels. If your label size is not listed here, please contact us and we can discuss options to suit your needs. 

Q: What’s the best way to add more items to an existing warehouse receipt in Flow WMS?
A: The most efficient way to add more items to a previous warehouse receipt is to use the “Receive by Reference” option as opposed to blind receiving. 

Q: How many photos can be uploaded per item? And can my customer see the photos in their LiveTrack portal?
A: There is no limit to how many photos or documents you can attach per item using Flow WMS. If you are a LiveTrack user, your customers can see the photos you take and attach to the items. 

Q: What functions are currently supported in Flow WMS?
A: Flow WMS currently supports manual receiving (blind receiving), barcode scanning, photo capture, label printing, and assigning warehouse locations. Stay tuned for more inventory and shipping capabilities in upcoming releases!

Q: Does Flow WMS support barcode scanning?
A: With Flow WMS you can scan tracking numbers, part numbers using the camera device or the scan library if using Handheld devices. GS1, 2D Barcodes are currently not supported but stay tuned for upcoming releases with this functionality.

Q: Can you create a picking order from Flow WMS?
A: Picking orders will be included in an upcoming release. 

Q: My warehouse has some wi-fi dead zones. What happens if I lose connectivity?
A: You are not alone… with all the metal causing interference, warehouses are notorious for having wi-fi dead zones. Because it can run on modern devices with LTE or 5G connectivity, Flow WMS keeps you up and running on mobile data – even in the event the wi-fi connection drops.

Q: Do I need the latest version of Magaya Supply Chain to use Flow WMS?
A: Flow WMS is designed to work with Magaya software version 11.5 and newer.

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