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About Magaya Corporation

We are proud to develop software that automates and improves business operations. Our customers include leaders in the fields of logistics, warehousing, wholesaling and nearly every aspect of the supply chain. Our philosophy is to help companies succeed by offering them a complete and flexible package designed to grow with them. The growth of our customers is our growth, so we dedicate ourselves to help them succeed.

In addition to continuously improving our software offering, we provide a complete range of consulting and implementation services to help your business accomplish your goals. Our Implementation team leverages industry best practices and applies decades of expertise as they collaborate with our clients. Every customer gets free technical support from our United States-based team.

We provide the needed efficiencies to small/medium sized companies to help them stay competitive with the big players. We also offer robust solutions for larger companies with multiple locations, high shipment volumes, rapid transaction traffic, and multiple users in different countries, time zones and currencies.

We are pleased to serve over 1,500 companies around the world in 80 different countries.


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