ACELYNK by Magaya is a cloud-based, ACE-certified ABI solution focused on compliance, security, and technology. It is built to accommodate businesses from small to enterprise-level. Whether you’re a customs broker, FTZ operator,  CFS operator, or a self-filer, the ACELYNK platform provides the advanced customs compliance features you need to bring your business to a new level of efficiency.

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The software is updated regularly to meet new or changed regulations at no added cost. Tariff schedule updates and other changes occur automatically as they are published by CBP.

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Get started quickly with no software downloads or hardware requirements. the ACELYNK platform is available to you from any device – all you need is an internet connection.

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Receive updates and alerts in real time. In an industry that’s always on the go, the ACELYNK platform keeps  you informed faster with continuous instant updates on shipment statuses.

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Customs compliance is made simple with a user-friendly design that’s easy to learn and provides quick and seamless navigation between modules.

The Complete Customs Compliance Playbook


In this free guide, learn everything you need to know about keeping compliant, why compliance matters, who’s responsible for ensuring compliance, and HOW you can leverage software to streamline and secure this process at scale.

Customs Compliance has Never Been Simpler, Faster, and More Secure

Customs compliance doesn’t have to be such a chore! The ACELYNK platform is an ABI solution that keeps you compliant while significantly reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. The U.S. Customs-certified portal is your key to faster, easier ACE filings, full CHB management, and more. 

The most intuitive and technologically advanced ABI software on the market, the ACELYNK platform gives you real-time visibility into all your transactions, duties, fees, and CBP response messages in a single window, saving you time. 

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The integrated billing module offers a 3-step billing procedure for timely, accurate invoicing, keeping you on top of your accounts receivables with ease. Plus, the ACELYNK platform gives you total operational control with built-in brokerage reports. 

“ACELYNK is my one-stop-shop for all my customs business. I have everything I need on the ACELYNK platform to run my business, plus customer service and support that outshines any other software provider I have worked with.”

– ACELYNK Customer

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Magaya Ecosystem

Take Your Business to New Heights with The Magaya Ecosystem

Combining the Magaya Supply Chain software platform with a collection of modern apps and other extensions, The Magaya Ecosystem delivers more value and feature depth than any other logistics software suite on the market.

From apps to extensions and even automation hardware, Magaya has you covered with a broad ecosystem that will scale with you, making your investment fulture-proof. Plus, external developers can build extensions to meet specific needs within the market, so there are no limits on how far you can take your Magaya investment.

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Everything You Need to Know About Running an Efficient FTZ

Download this informative white paper to learn all about the many benefits of foreign trade zones (FTZ).

We share practical information about how to obtain FTZ status, what’s needed to run an efficient FTZ warehouse, how Magaya helps FTZ operators run their businesses, and so much more.