Modernize and optimize your freight rate data and processes with a single control tower for searching and comparing rates, managing margins, filing tariffs, responding to RFQs, and preparing winning quotes.

Magaya Rate Management





Transform your rates.
Optimize your margins.
Grow your business faster.

With Magaya Rate Management, you gain full visibility of quote performance and margins, putting you in the captain’s seat when it comes to your rates.

No matter where or what format your rate data lives in, Magaya Rate Management can digitize and centralize it for you to easily access.



Create new business opportunities by linking air, ocean, rail and road buy and sell rates together using drag and drop technology to create customized multi-modal quotes for your customers all from one place.



Be the first to market with easy-to-use mobile quoting, full quote history, and the ability to design your own custom forms.

FMC Filing

FMC Filings

Benefit from our intuitive traffic light compliance system, allowing you to easily create a filing from a quote in seconds.



Access accurate surcharges with a comprehensive database of tariff surcharges.


Digital Contract Exchange

Carrier rate data integrated directly into Magaya Rate Management, providing full and fast coverage of your rate data.

External Mappings


A world of possibilities awaits you with Magaya Rate Management integrations.


Access an extensive database of over 54,000 current surcharge values with the database containing historic as well as live data for over 180 different types of surcharges, applied across 340+ different FMC trade lanes.



Access and compare rates, view schedule and free time data, apply margins and additional charges, quickly generating a winning quote, even from a mobile phone.

FMC Filings

Manage, publish, and store your Tariff Rates, Governing Rules, and NRAs in one place. Create a filing from a quote in seconds using our easy NRA-compliant traffic light system and save even more time with bulk filing.



Access a comprehensive database of tariff surcharges with Subject to, Included, and Future Applicable surcharges all specified. Create local charges and apply them through business rules.

Digital Contract Exchange

The built-in Digital Contract Exchange enables the fastest, easiest, and most accurate transfer of rate data between ocean carriers and freight forwarders or shippers.


Magaya Rate Management works seamlessly with Magaya Supply Chain and can also connect with any system of record. Carrier and co-loader rates, IMS and ITG ground rates, schedule, tariff surcharge, and free time data feeds are all available options.

Freight Allocation and Incentive Management


The Freight Allocation and Incentive Management extension for Magaya Rate Management puts you in full control of your allocation performance commitments, helping you achieve the Volume Incentive Program discounts that boost your profit margins.

Download the data sheet to learn more about the extension.

Ditch the spreadsheets.
Digitize your rates and quotes.


Transportation rates, quotes, and contracts are complicated. Using spreadsheets to manage the complexity, volume, and constantly changing rates on these contracts is not an easy feat, especially if the files reside in the pricing manager’s computer with limited availability to those that need access to the information. Discover the power of managing your rates and contracts with Magaya Rate Management and take your business to a whole new level of efficiency, service, and visibility.

takes complexity out of rate management

Multi-Modal Rate Control Tower

Gain complete visibility of quote performance with a single place for rapid access to your rates along with all the tools you need to improve margins and make better pricing and quoting decisions.  Create new business opportunities by simply linking air, ocean, rail and road buy and sell rates together using drag and drop technology to create customized multi-modal quotes for your customers all from one place.

easier rate management

We Take the Legwork out of Rate Data

Rates and surcharges are changing faster than ever. With our managed services offering, experienced rate and contract experts, rapidly-growing library of integrations, and data partners all come together to provide the most up-to-date and accurate set of complex data, all in one place.

faster custom quotes

Faster Custom Quotes

Your sales team can access and compare rates, view schedule and free time data, apply margins and additional charges, quickly generating a winning quote on-the-go, directly from their phone or tablet.

data-driven decisions

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage reports and analytics from rate trends to quote success and much more to make the strategic decisions you need to help drive your business.



Your source for up-to-date information about
General Rate Increases (GRI) from the world’s leading ocean carriers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Magaya Rate Management

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1. What, exactly, is freight quotes and rate management software?

Freight quotes and rate management software centralizes complex and disparate rate data, creating transparency and putting the right rate in the hands of the right people, at the right time, to ensure speed to market. With an interface that assists users in making decisions on their best option based on rates, transit time, free time, etc, freight quotes and rate management software is designed to help freight forwarders, NVOCCs, BCOs, and shippers grow their businesses with better speed and accuracy.

2. What makes Magaya Rate Management the best freight quotes and rate management software on the market?

With fast, accurate rates and multi-lane quoting from a single platform, Magaya Rate Management is the number one choice for freight quotes and rate management software. Its ocean rate management ​capabilities are the most comprehensive in the industry, and include the ability to search and compare all rates in seconds, view surcharges, exceptions, schedule, and free time data, and even perform multilane RFQ searches with ease. Plus, its seamless integration with the Magaya Digital Freight Platform connects it with a complete platform for managing every aspect of a modern freight forwarding business, from shipping and visibility to compliance, customer experience, accounting, and more.

3. I'm not sure I really need software to manage my rates and quotes. How do I know I'm ready to digitize my operations?

Changing market conditions, evolving customer expectations, and increasing competition and complexity all make it more important than ever to use technology to accelerate and streamline rates and quotes. Without effective rate management software, forwarders and BCOs run the risk of eroding margins, more auditing, costly invoice disputes and disagreements, delayed payments, and lost business. Magaya Rate Management makes it easy to modernize rate management and quoting processes, freeing your team to focus on strategic growth initiatives instead of bureaucratic processes.

4. Is Magaya Rate Management a SaaS solution?

Fully hosted in the cloud, Magaya Rate Management is available as a subscription-based license, so you can focus on running your supply chain business instead of managing technical hardware and software systems.

5. Do I need Magaya Supply Chain to use Magaya Rate Management?

No, Magaya Rate Management can be used with the TMS, ERP, or other end system of your choice thanks to its API-driven agnostic connectivity approach.

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