Cookie Notice


This cookie notice explains how Magaya Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) uses cookies and similar technologies, as well as your rights to control the use of them.

We may use cookies and similar technologies to collect personal data or information that becomes personal data if combined with other information.

What are cookies?

“Cookies” are small data files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or use an online service. Cookies are widely used by organizations in order to make their websites or services work, or function more efficiently, as well as to provide reporting information. There are two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are stored in temporary memory, not retained after a user’s browsing session ends and do not obtain information for the user’s device. “Persistent cookies” persist on the user’s device in the browser’s subfolder and are activated again once you visit the site that created the particular cookie and remains for the duration period set within the cookie’s file.

Cookies set by the website or service operator are called “first-party cookies”. Cookies set by parties other than the website or service operator are called “third-party cookies”. Third-party cookies typically enable certain third-party features or functionality to be provided on or through websites or services. The parties that set these third-party cookies can recognize a data subject’s computer both when they visit the website or use the service in question and when they visit certain other websites.

What cookies do we use and why?

There are three types of cookies we may use:

Cookie Type Description
Required or essential cookies These are cookies that are required for technical reasons in order for online properties and services to operate. Without these cookies, online services and properties would not be able to function. We want you to understand these require cookies, and why we use them, but we don’t need to obtain consent to use them. We use these cookies only to provide you with services and information you have requested.
Functional cookies These cookies may be used to enhance the performance and functionality of online properties and services; to manage your preferences; to analyze and personalize your use of, or to generally help us better understand how, online properties and services are being used. These cookies should improve your experience when in use but are not essential. You may disable these cookies as set forth below. Be aware that without these cookies certain functionality may become unavailable.
Advertising cookies These are cookies that gather information from you on your device to display advertisements to you based on relevant topics that interest you. Website operators are required to give advertisers permission to place these cookies on the website.

Your Cookie Options

You have the right to decide whether to accept or reject cookies (aside from those that are required or essential).

You can exercise your preferences in relation to cookies served on online properties and services.

Browser controls: you can set or amend your web browser controls to accept or refuse cookies. If you choose to reject cookies, you may still use online properties and services, but some functionality and areas may be restricted.