As a complete end-to-end solution for logistics service providers, the Magaya Digital Freight Platform gives you the tools needed to streamline and optimize your courier and small package operations.


If you run a courier company, then you know that your customers are looking for fast service with full tracking and visibility (and at the lowest price possible, to boot). The industry is highly competitive, with independent businesses working alongside large global courier corporations. With the right technology, though, small- and medium-sized businesses are uniquely positioned to provide niche regional services that the larger companies cannot offer.

Courier services play a critical role in e-commerce fulfillment and other deliveries that usually consist of smaller, non-palletized shipments to businesses such as retail stores or to the end consumer. As e-commerce continues to rise in popularity, the “last mile” of delivery that you are responsible for has become more important than ever.

A Courier Software Solution that Really Delivers

Most courier software is only used to manage package delivery, plan and optimize driver routes, track packages through to their final destination, and run business accounting functions. Magaya does all that – and so much more! As a complete end-to-end solution for supply chain businesses, Magaya Supply Chain gives you the tools needed to streamline delivery operations and run your entire company, including accounting, tracking, and more!

To receive a high volume of small packages quickly, Magaya courier software give you the ability to scan barcodes, take pictures, and get package dimensions. You can also attach all this data to the transaction.

Magaya software also includes the important documentation needed by couriers. This includes loading guides and packing lists, CARICOM Commercial Invoice – for the Caribbean, cargo manifest, AWB and BL, and invoices. When importing, Magaya can create arrival notices for you. When warehousing packages, the software creates warehouse receipts and cargo releases.

The Magaya Courier Shipping extension is used to print labels and ship items with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and United States Postal Service (USPS) directly from a Cargo Release or Magaya Shipment using the rates you have established for each carrier.

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A Suite of Courier Software Solutions for Optimal Small Package Handling

From package receiving to inspection, consolidation, and outbound shipping, Magaya has everything you need to maximize visibility, productivity, and profitability.

RECEIVE Streamline the reception process by recording the packages in the destination database as warehouse receipts with Magaya Supply Chain for optimal operations management, Binder for photos and barcode scanning, and Dimensioner for automated dimensioning.

CONSOLIDATE With all your information accurately in one place, use Magaya Supply Chain to create a consolidated shipment using the shipment wizard. Packages can be grouped by consignee, or one house per Warehouse Receipt can be created. The outgoing shipment includes a master and the houses.

DELIVER Finally, use Magaya LiveTrack for full visibility all the way to the end recipient. You can even use the Courier Shipping Extension to print labels and ship items with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and United States Postal Service (USPS) directly from a Cargo Release.

Master the Final Mile with Magaya

Final Mile is an exclusive app from Magaya that gives courier drivers an efficient way to manage the pick-up and delivery of packages right from their mobile device. Through Final Mile, headquarters can easily assign tasks to specific drivers or leave them up for grabs. Multiple drivers can use the app to make pickups and deliveries at the same time and record signatures upon delivery without the need for specialized hardware. The app uses the phone’s native maps for turn-by-turn navigation and route optimization while on deliveries. Customers are updated with pickup and delivery details in real-time. This saves you time on customer service calls and helps you deliver the top-of-the-line customer service that will set you apart from the competition.

Magaya Features for Couriers

  • Freight Charges, Quotes and Rate Management
  • Freight Bookings
  • Shipments:
    • Export, Import, or Domestic
    • Ocean Freight
    • Air Freight
    • Ground Freight
    • Consolidations, Straights, LCL or FCL
  • Customs Compliance and Documentation
  • Automated Dimensioning, Weighing, and Photographing Cargo
  • Visibility and Tracking Information for Customers
  • Delivery and Storage Prices Included
    U.S. Customs for Import & Export Shipments
  • Canada eManifest, Panama Colon DMCE, Mexico ValidaCarga
  • Local Pick-ups and Last Mile Deliveries
  • Billing and Accounting with Out-of-the-Box Financial Reports
  • Customizable Documents
  • …and Many More!

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