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For busy customs brokers to remain competitive and profitable, keeping up with today’s high volumes and complex shipments will require more than good, old-fashioned effort and organization: you need to put technology on your side.

That’s because dealing with ever-changing regulatory requirements is your bread and butter. Not only do you have to deal with filing the proper paperwork to get products from point A to point B, but you also have to keep up with compliance rules and regulations, keep track of shipments, and deal with any delays or customs restrictions that arise along the way.

Copy-paste is probably your go-to keyboard move, and your browser never has fewer than a dozen tabs open at once. Keeping up with your inbox might feel like a losing battle.

If you’re not using automation to save keystrokes (and perhaps your sanity), you’re falling behind. Let Magaya show you a better way to grow your customs brokerage.

Innovative Customs Software to Accelerate All Your Electronic Filings

Stay compliant and save time with solutions to meet all your compliance needs.
Magaya Digital Freight Platform
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Magaya Customs Compliance

Magaya Customs Compliance is a U.S. Customs-certified ABI platform (listed under ACELYNK with CBP) that keeps you compliant while significantly reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

With real-time visibility into all your transactions, duties, fees, and CBP response messages in a single window, Magaya Customs Compliance is your key to faster, easier ACE filings with full CHB management, enabling the filing of ISF, Entry Summary, Cargo Release, 7512s (InBond), e214s (FTZ), Drawback, Reconciliation, AES, eManifest, Entry Type 86, and more.


AMS Query

Automated Manifest System (AMS) Query streamlines the customs process by allowing interested parties to view Bill of Lading (BOL or BL) or Air Waybill (AWB) information for any particular shipment.


For importers, Magaya ISF (Importer Security Filing) facilitates sending information to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) before the cargo is brought into the U.S. by vessel.

Magaya AES/EEI

With Automated Export System (AES), easily send Electronic Export Information (EEi) to the U.S. Customs ACE portal and also receive a confirmation back into your Magaya system.

AMS Air & Ocean

Magaya Automated Manifest System (AMS) allows users to comply with Customs’ 24-hour manifest regulation by sending shipment data to U.S. Customs.

Magaya Takes the Heavy Lifting Out of Compliance and Customs Clearance

For ages, customs brokers have been handling the logistics, paperwork, duties, etc. of importing and exporting all manually, by hand, and with a human touch. The import and export process is intricately complicated-there are endless forms to be filed correctly and on time, complex duties and tariffs, intricate compliance regulations, ever-changing currency policies, and of course, the infinite and unique challenges associated with transferring inventory from one place to another.

As technology has evolved, stacks of papers have been replaced with browser tabs and electronic documents, but that doesn’t necessarily mean less work for customs brokers. Without the right supporting tools, even the hardest working brokers will struggle to keep up.

The good news? We’re in the 21st century now. Magaya has the customs filing software you need to optimize and streamline declaration processes, keep your customs data organized, provide cost-saving measures, and make sure that compliance is on track.

Customs Compliance Playbook

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Smarter FTZ Warehouse Filing Solutions

Magaya provides an all-encompassing, ACE-certified, FTZ filing solution with U.S. Customs as part of its platform. Proactive regulatory updates and automation increase compliance for all FTZ filers. The solution helps you remain compliant, organized, and up-to-date with the most recent FTZ regulations.

The reporting module shows Master HMF Reports, Tally In and Tally Out Reports for managing inventory, Item History Reports, and much more. The Tally In/Tally Out Module seamlessly integrates with all e214, 7512, and Entry forms to eliminate redundancies in data input. All of which help to not only keep your organization compliant but also to increase the bottom line.

From filing for status to the ongoing optimization of FTZ warehouses, Magaya has you covered for every aspect of FTZ. If you’ve been approved to run an FTZ program, then you’ve been entrusted with an important responsibility, and you need the right tools and support to remain compliant.

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Type 86 Uploads in a Flash

While basic ABI software modules can typically handle small volume Entry Type 86 filings – such as one or two per day – consistent, high-volume filings require purpose-built software services designed to manage the velocity of these transactions at scale.

Speed up your processes with integrated Type 86 large volume uploads and the Air and Ocean AMS extensions. Simply upload large volume Air or Ocean AMS via an Excel file, click a button, and automatically create the Type 86 Entries.

You can upload thousands of House Bills from a single Excel sheet, automatically analyze potential PGA flags, disclaim thousands of PGA lines automatically, and view PGA flags that are not able to be disclaimed, saving you time and keeping you compliant.

Mass replace HTS codes across the entire entry set, filter and segregate entries based on current ABI status, access updated tariff schedules as they are published by CBP, and even automate the creation of Type 86 Entries for manual submission.

CHB Software Features You’ll Love

  • U.S. Customs Connections
  • Magaya Network
  • Inventory Management
  • Pricing and Cost Tracking Features
  • Document Management
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Landed Cost Calculation
  • Credit Management
  • AMS Filing
  • Truck eManifest
  • Reconciliation
  • Duty Drawback
  • Query Module for: AIR AMS, Ocean AMS, Bond, Tariff, FIRMS, SCAC, ADD/CVD and Quota
  • Customer Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Service Management
  • ACE filings, Entry Type 86 and 3461 & 7501 (ACE SE & ACE AE)
  • Type 86 Mass Upload
  • Air and Ocean Manifest for Section 321
  • FDA/PN and all active PGA forms
  • ISF
  • InBond (7512)
  • FTZ (e214)
  • AES (Export)
  • 5106
  • Prior Notice
  • …and so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Magaya Customs Software

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Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’re always happy to assist! Just schedule a demo and we’ll connect you with one of our solution experts. 

1. Is Magaya's ABI software cloud-based?

Yes! Magaya Customs Compliance is a cloud-based, ACE-certified ABI software solution for customs brokers, FTZ or CFS operators, and self-filers.

2. Can Magaya customs brokerage software integrate with other systems?

Absolutely! In today’s interconnected logistics market, integration between in-house customs brokerage systems as well as external agencies, partners, and agents is a must. Many Magaya solutions, like Magaya Supply Chain, offer API capabilities to integrate with third-party systems such as ERP, TMS, and accounting software. By integrating your systems, you benefit from increased operational efficiency, better visibility, and reduced errors.

4. How user-friendly is Magaya ABI software?

Magaya Customs Compliance and our other solutions for customs brokers are designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring intuitive interfaces, minimal learning curves, and comprehensive support and training resources.

5. How does Magaya Customs Compliance pricing work?

Our pricing is tailored to each organization’s specific needs and depends on a number of factors, including the modules required and the number of users.

5. I'm not sure I really need to invest in new ABI software right now. How do I know if the time is right?

Changing market conditions, evolving customer expectations, and increasing competition and complexity all make it more important than ever to use technology to accelerate and streamline your freight forwarding operations. If you’re spending too much money on climbing license fees, waiting days for technical support, or wasting time trying to glean insights from disparate data, then it’s time to take a look at Magaya.

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