Transform your customer experience and win more business with a branded, interactive digital forwarding solution.

Magaya Digital Freight Portal





Provide The Connected Experience Your Customers Want


Digitize your entire customer experience with the Magaya Digital Freight Portal. Your customers will love the hands-on, insightful, easy-to-use portal, and you’ll benefit from streamlined processes, improved productivity, reduced costs, and an opportunity to grow your business exponentially. Everyone wins. 

 The Magaya Digital Freight Portal gets you quickly established as a digital freight forwarder to deliver the transparency, control, and ease of use that modern customers expect. From schedules to quotes, bookings, and reporting, we’ve got you covered with a branded digital freight forwarding platform that will set your business apart from the rest.



Reduce your cost-of-sales and conversion times with online quotations.



Give your customers better visibility into the services you offer.

Booking Request


Faster, more efficient, easier bookings – all online.



Direct collaboration between your customers and your team.

Visibility 1

Tracking and Visibility

Let your customers track their shipments without having to send emails or make calls.



Shippers needs data, lots of it. Enable them to build, download, and even schedule their own reports for all transactions with you. Your customers will love you for it.

Warehouse Visibility

Warehouse Visibility

Better visibility and control for warehouse movements and inventory.

Online Freight Payments with Veem

Payments and Invoicing

Online payments are faster and easier for you and your customers.


Significantly improve on your cost-of-sales by letting your customers quote online. Be it spot or contract rates, we will show them the pricing you’ve got setup for them and let them convert their quotes into bookings in just a few clicks. Save time for both your customer and sales staff.


Set up your own schedule site in minutes. We give you the tools to get the carrier data you need, and our smart routing guide automatically picks the allocated one based on the customer’s search criteria. No more maintaining schedules manually or simply foregoing them entirely.


Instant acknowledgments for your customers, and less time keyboard punching for your operators. With the Digital Freight Portal, your customer can turn a schedule, quote, or P/O into a booking in seconds and we’ll push it into Magaya Supply Chain or your TMS/ERP instantly.


Give your customers 360° visibility, 100% of the time, and enable them to take care of their shipments together with your team. With the Digital Freight Portal, your customers will have a full view of their running shipments with you.

Tracking and Visibility

Your customers will always know the whereabouts of their important shipments, without having to pick up the phone or send endless emails. You have full control over what milestones to show them. Customers can receive notifications to alert them when a milestone is updated or reached.


Maintaining visibility of many shipments, across multiple vendors, regions, and products is made easy with built-in reporting. Customers can create their own reports, analyzing any part of their business with you, and we’ll even email them their reports on a regular basis.

Warehouse Visibility

By using the Digital Freight Portal with Magaya Supply Chain, you’ll give your customers the visibility they need when their cargo is in your warehouse. They’ll appreciate the self-service control and you’ll both save time by avoiding calls and emails about inventory, warehouse receipts, cargo releases, pickup orders, and more.

Payments and Invoicing

With all the invoice details your customers need at their fingertips plus a flexible, affordable, and easy way to pay online, you’ll streamline your invoicing workflow and make it simpler than ever to request payments and get paid directly.

Become a Digital Forwarder With the Magaya Digital Freight Portal


The benefits of digitization help more and more forwarders secure valuable market share in an ever-changing environment. A customer-facing digital freight portal is a must-have for success in today’s connected world.

 The Magaya Digital Freight Portal works out-of-the-box in perfect harmony with Magaya Rate Management and Magaya Supply Chain, giving you the most comprehensive and feature-rich customer-facing freight platform on the market today. The portal provides your team with the tools to easily manage schedules with granular control, respond to an RFQ with an offer from within the portal, follow up on your shipments, manage margins and provide customized pricing, identify your best rates per trade lane, and so much more.

diversify and grow sales channels

Diversify and Grow Your Sales Channels

Would you rather have your sales staff answering multiple quote requests and other email/phone inquiries all day long, or have them discovering new strategic opportunities for your business to grow? By automating the repetitive tasks related to the sales cycle, your team has more time to work on generating new business, increasing customer satisfaction, and uncovering new opportunities for upsell, cross-sell, and partnerships.

improve customer experience

Improve the Customer Experience

From tracking their Uber ride to following up on Amazon orders, your customers have come to expect visibility and control in their lives. Digitally enhanced visibility has changed everyone’s expectations when interacting with a brand, and this is now also defining customer expectations in shipping. With the Digital Freight Portal, your customers will enjoy full tracking visibility and an immersive digital experience from quote to booking and beyond.

works seamlessly with magaya

Works Seamlessly with Magaya

The portal works perfectly with the Magaya Digital Freight Platform, ensuring a single source of the truth and giving you a complete logistics operations and customer experience platform to automate and digitize every aspect of your business. Alternatively, you can connect with the ERP, TMS, or other back-end of your choice thanks to the portal’s API-driven agnostic connectivity approach. 

takes complexity out of rate management

Take the Complexity Out of Rate Management

Our integrated rate management is a game changer for your business.  You can manage and analyze your global buying tariffs, pull direct carrier integrations for contract and spot rates, view and apply surcharges, free time, future GRIs and more. Your team can identify the best provider per trade lane and set them as a base and always be in the know as to who the best vendor is, based on price and transit time.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Magaya Digital Freight Portal

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1. What, exactly, is a digital freight portal? Is it the same as a customer portal?

The Magaya Digital Freight Portal provides logistics service providers with a customizable, white-label, customer-facing web portal, delivering a branded digital experience for your customers with all the functions of a digital forwarder in one application including schedules, rates (quoting), booking, tracking, viewing important documents, and reporting on all activities. The Magaya Digital Freight Portal database contains the most comprehensive records for sailing schedules for FCL, LCL, and air and its out-of-the-box integrations enable quotes, shipments, milestones, and other data to remain synchronized, ensuring a single source of the truth.

2. What makes the Magaya Digital Freight Portal the best freight customer experience software on the market?

The Magaya Digital Freight Portal delivers the single, most comprehensive digital freight execution portal on the market today. From a single, customer-branded portal, Magaya can now provide complete digitization of everything from rates and quotes to shipping and warehousing operations, compliance, customer experience, and more. Freight forwarders can go from quote to booking within minutes and easily manage and track shipments through a collaborative, modern user interface. The combined power of the Magaya Digital Freight Portal front-end for customers with Magaya Supply Chain, Magaya Rate Management, and Magaya Customs Compliance on the back-end provides freight forwarders with the cutting-edge technology needed to get ahead in a rapidly-evolving, competitive market.

3. I'm not sure I really need a digital freight portal. How do I know I'm ready to digitize my operations?

As a logistics service provider, you’re faced with rising customer expectations, growing competition, and increasing complexity in your field. Conducting business by email and phone simply won’t cut it anymore: your customers want more autonomy, visibility, and control, and you need to find ways to get more done in a day and process more shipments, faster. The Magaya Digital Freight Portal solves all of these challenges and more, providing you with a branded, self-service web portal for your customers, automating the routine transactions that take up so much of your team’s time today.

4. Is the Magaya Digital Freight Portal a SaaS solution?

Fully hosted in the cloud, the Magaya Digital Freight Portal is available as a subscription-based license, so you can focus on running your supply chain business instead of managing technical hardware and software systems.

5. Do I need Magaya Supply Chain to use the Magaya Digital Freight Portal?

No, the Magaya Digital Freight Portal can be used with the TMS, ERP, or other end system of your choice thanks to its API-driven agnostic connectivity approach.

6. How does the LiveTrack Mobile App by Magaya work with the Magaya Digital Freight Portal?

As the tracking app for the Magaya Digital Freight Portal, you can give your customers 24/7 access from any mobile device to warehouse receipts, cargo releases, shipments, purchase orders, invoices, and more. Customers will love the convenience of barcode scanning to find transactions and keeping informed on the status of their cargo or any inventory-related transaction with push notifications on their smartphone, among many other useful features.

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